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Album cover to pantsu


(2011 - Present) Disfigured Robot Child is a Experimental project from West Milford, New Jersey, Influenced by Pogo and Dissociative Children and japanoise. who has made multiple Albums and splits with artist Philippopolis, yeongrak (Goruo), Dental work, xenogorga and Crustgirls. Goruo used to be a group but now its a netlabel ran by disfigured robot child. where he goes by many aliases on the likes of Marimaidona and Klonona.




Drugs, Renoise,Samples, VSTS, Synthesizers, Guitar Pedals , Contact mics, sheets of steel



== Contact ==[[File:]] You can contact disfigured robot child through his Bandcamp accounts.

== https://goruo.bandcamp.com/ https://disfiguredrobotchild.bandcamp.com/ == Links to your project online