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Suburbia Melting was the long running harsh noise / power electronics project of Andrew Quitter. The project started out under the name Robotnoise before changing names in 2002. Over the years the project was located in Peoria, IL, St. Louis, MO, Denver, CO and finally Portland OR. The project began in 1998 and ended in late 2012. Close to 60 releases were released including, full-lengths, splits, E.P.'s and compilations. In 2003 Quitter started the DumpsterScore Home Recordings label, and in 2007 he started the project Regosphere which has become his main project since. There have also been several collaboration projects, one-off side projects, and he has been a member of the groups Exhale The Dream Smoke (with Brian Jenkins, 2004-2006) and Crooked Columns (with Luis Gonzalez, 2010 - current). A discography box set spanning the life of the project is planned for release on DumpsterScore in 2014.