WTB: Harshnoise Label releases

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WTB: Harshnoise Label releases

Post by NoiseWiki »

I'm looking for copies of these Harshnoise label releases

Pop Culture rap Victim Public Display Of Affection xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN-002 2002
Knurl Kurtosis xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN-003 2002
Facialmess Kick My Prog Rock xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN-005 2003
Flatline Construct Meatstack xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN-006 2003
Transient Environmental Feedback* Symptomatic Harbinger xe2x80x8e(CDr, Album) HN-008 2003
Sewer Election Torpa Freak-In xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN-009 2004
Government Alpha Ignis Fatuus xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN-011 2005
Macronympha Priapus xe2x80x8e(CDr, Album) HN-012 2005
Tourette Parmi Les Pierres xc3x89clatxc3xa9es xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN-014 2005
The Rita Lake Depths Lurker xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN-016 2005
The Haters Untitled Title Shot 28 xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN-017 2005
Knurl Acidamide xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN-018 2005
Tralphaz In Chinese xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN019 2005
DCLXVI Year Of The Rabbit xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN-023 2005
Goat Goat's Holy Mountain xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN-024 2006
Macronympha Bulk Density xe2x80x8e(2xCDr) HN-028 2006
Ichorous Ketoacidosis xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN029 2006
Ronez Ni Hao! I'm Deaf And It's Okay xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN-030 2006
Astronoise Supplement, Complement xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN032 2006
Pope Joanna Divinity Corrupter xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN036 2006
Bonesfield Gammacamera xe2x80x8e(CDr, Album) HN-038 2007
Goat Jerusalem xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN-039 2007
Torturing Nurse Smutty xe2x80x8e(CDr + CDr, CD-ROM) HN-040 2007
The Sleep Sessions Lead Into Gold xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN041 2008
Inhalant Audio Terror xe2x80x8e(CDr) HN042 2008
Medicine Cabinet Living Arrangements xe2x80x8e(CDr, Album) HN043 2008
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