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Two new tapes by MEATHOOK SAINT

Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2022 4:51 am
There are two new MEATHOOK SAINT tapes out today.


"Beton Brut" has been recorded in February 2021 and continues to explore architectural concepts, similar to the previous "Plan Voisin" und "Musik für Gebäude".

Droning synths buried under crunchy layers of distortion. Pulsating waves giving the sound a kind of structure, making it meander between power-electronics, death industrial and wall-like harshnoise at times.


"Weak Things Break" returns to the more raw and primitive approach of "Two Colors Black".

Amp feedback, junk metal, tape-loops, chains and pipes. No edits. Recorded in one session in December 2021.

Trade offers are welcome.