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Free (as in free beer) stuff I find online

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2022 11:05 pm
by Young Hate
Two books that made huge impacts on me were: the Anarchist Cookbook and Steal this Book , the idea of gaming the "system", despite me not even being alive at that time just did something for me. I never got anything handed to me, so I hand stuff to other ppl. I'll be bumping this thread each time I find something useful.

Free item #1: Google Career/IBM/Salesforce Certs - I'm sure most users here are older and have stable work, but notorious "former" inside trader Michael Milken's dumping money into the American Dream Academy, you just need to be:
  • American
  • 18+
  • a high school grad/GED holder
I'm doing the UX Design course from Google, certain courses also get you guaranteed admission into WGU and college credit, link is here ->