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Re: Build Shit - DIY - What's On Your Bench?

Post by FAP » Mon Apr 06, 2020 7:41 pm

An idea I had for a while but didn’t have enough space on the springboard to implement it. Cobbled together in about an hour with junk I had lying around, using as little “new” materials as possible. For example, the enclosure has a bunch of holes drilled in it from a previous failed project; all of the screws and hardware are salvaged from God knows where; the pickup is actually a small speaker (I could’ve ripped out a Piezo from one of like ten pre-made contact mics I have, but this one definitely was not worth the effort and I wanted a 1/4” jack anyways). It’s a little harder to amplify than a standard contact mic but otherwise I’m quite pleased. There’s a lot of “techniques” you can perform with just this chain lock mechanism: I’d give it a solid recommendation for anyone diving into a new shaker box build.
Note: these photos were taken prior to hot gluing the wires [among other things] in place and sealing it all up.
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Re: Build Shit - DIY - What's On Your Bench?

Post by ¾ dead » Wed May 20, 2020 3:01 am

This hardly qualifies, but our long-suffering microwave of the past ~26 years finally shit itself a few days ago.

Tonight, I unceremoniously pried the interface panel off of it with the aid of a hammer so that I could harvest the piezo element inside. In some small way, our grimy old Sharp will live on as a contact microphone.

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