$0 Life Insurance Policy (Demo Tape)

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Zero Dollar Life Insurance Policy Demo Tape - album cover.png
Artist(s): $0 Life Insurance Policy
Title: $0 Life Insurance Policy (Demo Tape)
Recorded: February 18, 2020 - (not finished yet)
Released: unreleased
Genre: Folk Punk
Type: Demo Tape
Label: Independent
Format: Files - MP3
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Dr. Failure had wanted to dabble with folk punk since they were a junior in high school. Initially trying with a duo called Yestermonth, he wrote lyrics, and his friend, referred to as Dalia, was supposed to fill in for guitar. Unfortunately, before they could record their first single, Dalia dropped out, leaving Yestermonth to fade to nothing. As a joke, Dr. Failure released The Dalia Era, with one track titled "All The Tracks Dalia Helped With", and it's just 20 minutes of white noise.

Taking Matters into their own hands, $0 Life Insurance Policy decided to try giving singing and playing guitar simultaneously a shot, and eventually came up with 6 tracks, plus 1 bonus track (equaling 7 for those of you that can't do math) to release on a demo tape that they hope will eventually end up on a full length album.

Gear and Equipment

Acoustic Guitar (actually in tune for once!)
$0 Life Insurance Policy's Voice


# Track Title Time
1 Taxes
2 I Got A Needle In My Mouth
3 Proud To Be An Anarchist
4 I Know What I'm Not
5 God Made Transphobes So We Could Rob Them Blind
6 Scabs, Guns, & Peanut Butter
7 Taxes (1st Attempt - February 18, 2020 Demo) 05:16

Total Runtime: