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Анал Канта (also known as АнКа; Anal Kanta) is a Russian noise/harsh noise/noisecore/noisegrind band from Tyumen, formed in 17 July 2011.

Анал Канта's logo

Анал Канта is an duet, consisting of Autopser and Popcorn. According to the band members, the main distinguishing feature of Анал Канта complete immorality and total renunciation of values. The names of the songs and albums of the band often do not make sense and full of obscene vocabulary. Among other things, in the names of songs and albums spelling mistakes are deliberately allowed and punctuation not respect.

The name of band is an parody and playing with words on the name of noisecore/grindcore band Anal Cunt and name of German philosopher Immanuel Cant. From Russian "Анал Канта" is translated as "Cant's anal" or "Anal of Cant".

The members of Анал Канта call the genre of their band's music as "ТРУ-ДЖИГУРДА-МЕТОЛ" ("TRUE-JIGURDA-METOL": "Тру" from English word "True"; "Jigurda" is Soviet/Ukrainian actor, film director, screenwriter and singer Nikita Jigurda. He is the source of different internet memes and jokes; "Метол" from Russian word "Метал").

Band members

  • Autopser
  • Popcorn,,,,