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image=Эмбрион Мракобесия.jpg|
image=Эмбрион Мракобесия.jpg|
genre=Punk/Post Punk/[[Noise Rock]]/[[Industrial]]|
genre=Punk/Post Punk/[[Noise Rock]]/[[Industrial]]|
labels=[[Immoral Basement Records]]|
labels=[[Immoral Basement Records]], [[Eatherly Records]]|
country=[[:category:Kazakhstan|Kazakhstan]] (earlier) <br>
country=[[:category:Kazakhstan|Kazakhstan]] (earlier) <br>
[[:category:Russia|Russia]] (now)|
[[:category:Russia|Russia]] (now)|

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Эмбрион Мракобесия
Эмбрион Мракобесия.jpg
Genre: Punk/Post Punk/Noise Rock/Industrial
Country: Kazakhstan (earlier)
Russia (now)
City: Almaty (earlier)
Omsk (now)
Labels: Immoral Basement Records, Eatherly Records
Members: Dan Lyudoyedov, Katerina Tokareva
Side Projects: Паническая Атака, Ковайная няшечка
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Эмбрион Мракобесия (Embryo of the Obscurantism) is Kazakh punk/post punk/noise rock/industrial band from Almaty, formed in March 2000.

The founder of the project is Dan Lyudoyedov (Дэн Людоедов). Дэн does not know how to play musical instruments, so he used trekking programs.

The early stage of creativity was dominated by the aesthetics of punk and post punk. Then followed the departure in the industrial concepts and gothic.

In 2006, the project temporarily ceased to exist. However, in early 2011 the project was revived and also became a duet - the group was joined by Katerina Tokareva (Катерина Токарева), who plays dombra, and also performs vocal parts.

Now the band is located to Omsk, Russia.

Band members



  • 2001 - Резина мясо и сталь
  • 2002 - Звонок с того света
  • 2003 - Disconnect
  • 2003 - Cacophony
  • 2004 - Frozen
  • 2004 - Оплачено!
  • 2005 - Выродок
  • 2006 - Храм Бреда
  • 2011 - Песни нездешних тварей
  • 2012 - Игра в ящик


  • 2001 - Раритеты 2000
  • 2003 - Каверы
  • 2009 - 2002-2009




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