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Tell us about yourself Ян Рохлин Born: Marсh 4, 1981 Altai Krai, Barnaul, Russia Polish - Russian Black Noise, Black Noise Wall, Blackened Harsh Noise Wall, Harsh Noise Wall, Dark Ambient musician. Experimental Underground DIY Heavy Black Harsh Noise Wall Dark Ambient Music. Academician of Noise Music. Black-monk. Black preacher of your soul. Librarian


Who is in the band Ян Рохлин


what gear do you use


list some of your releases Demos/Singles/EPs "Twilight Rain", Single 2018 "Cemetery", Single 2018 "Death Nothing​.​.​.​.​."​‎ EP 2019 "ЖКХ Пид​.​. Или ЖКХ на зимних каникулах" EP 2020


Tells us how to contact you https://yanrokhlin66.bandcamp.com/


Links to your project online Ян Рохлин