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(((AMNESIa-cHANNNEL))) is a harsh noise project based in Tokyo, Japan. It consists of one member: Bobuo Sakai.

Sakai is a member of many noise and grindcore bands, and he was the original vocalist of Sete Star Sept. Other projects include XM02 (a noise duo with L'eclipse Nue), Haigan, 200%, and Slaughtertable (a noise duo with Necromist).

Selected Discography


Album Year Label
Electro Noise Jerusalem 2007 self-released
Electro Noise Jerusalem 2 ? Thabbac Records


Artists Album Year Label
(((AMNESia-cHANNEL))) / Helical Phobia (((AMNESia-cHANNEL))) / Helical Phobia 2013 Thabbac Records

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