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Anal Massaker is a noisecore band from Germany started in 1989 from three friends Toni Mastropaolo, Andy and Dyrk, who wanted to give a break to their boring life and make some funny noise. Now in 2008 Anal Massaker survives as a one man band carried by the original founder Toni Mastropaolo.

This is the current line up in 2008:


Toni Mastropaolo: drums + guitar + voice

This was the line up from 1996 to 1998:

Toni Mastropaolo: guitar and voice
Pieter: drums

This was the line up from 1989 to 1995:

Toni Mastropaolo: guitar
Dyrk: voice
Andy: drums

Anal Massaker concept is the most noisecore classical concept: nonsense and stupidity. Also political messages spreaded in the years but with a genuine bad taste. Some Anal Massaker side projects are: ORAL NOISE / EXTREME NOSE TERROR / STRICHNINE / ALIEN AUDIO / FLYING SANDWICH

This is the Anal Massaker discography at beginning 2008:

--split with SAUERKRAUT (Sonic Arse Tapes : 2008)
--split with ZOMBIE MILITIA (Bringer of Gore Records/Jerk Off Records : 2007)
--split with INESTINAL INFECTION (SPK Records : 2007)
--split with DECAYING CORPSE (Bringer of Gore Records : 2007 )
--split with FIRING SQUAD (Locomotive Leipzig tapes : 2007)
--split with SHI OR LET TRANSEXUAL DESTROYER (Underground Pollution Records : 2007)
--split with PERMANENT DEATH (Underground Pollution Records : 2007 )
--split with RAUH (no infos about it)
--split with SCAT (no infos about it)
--split with ANAL TURD (no infos about it)
--split with C.U.N.T. (Fuck Music Productions : 2006)
--split with MELOPHOBIC HELL (Fuck Music Productions : 2006)
--split with KATAPLASM (Underground Pollution Records : 2006)
--split with SELF MADE GOD (Locomotive Leipzig tapes : 2006)
--split with PENIS ENLARGEMENT/BREAK SHIT (Cock in Her Gut Productions : 2005)
--"unreleased instrumental demo" (unreleased : 2002-2003)
--split with GORE CRUSADE (Pissed Off Production : 2002)
--split with P.T.A.O. (Project Productions : 2001)
--"Live in St Ingbert" (unreleased demo : 1997)
--"Live in Coburg" (Tapeworm Records : 1997)
--split with PSYCHONEUROSIS (Schnauf Records : 1996)
--"Demo '94" (Tapeworm Records / Zyklonen tapes : 1994)
--split with BARCASS (Schnauf Records / Stupidity Records : 1994)
--"Live in Leipzig" (self released demo : 1990/91)
--lots of rehershal tapes... (1989/1990)

--split with DOENÇA (Noisecore Resistance Records 2006)
--split with 2 MINUTA DREKA (Nihilus Records/Raw Noise Records :2007)
--split with FINAL EXIT (BLASTCORE Records :2006 considered a bootleg by FE)
--split with MEAT PUNCH MAFIA (Bizarre Leprous Productions : 1998)
--split with NIKUDOREI (Nat Records : 1996)
--split with MAGGOT SHOES (Zyklonen tapes : 1996)
--split with MUSICAL ARSE DECOMPOSITION (Vomit Chunx Tapes  : 1996)
--split with DECHE CHARGE (Schnauf Records : 1994)
--split with MEAT SHITS (Shnauf Records : 1993)
--split with BARCASS (Shnauf Records : 1992)
--"Ka - Ka!" full ep (Shnauf Records :1991)

--split CD-R with CAPTAIN THREE LEGS (Mortville Records : 2007)
--split CD-R with ZOMBIE MILITIA (Jerk Off Records : 2007)
--"Old Ass Fuck" collection CD-R (R.O.N.F. Records : 2007)
--"55 Sonx of Psychedelic Grind Noise" full length CD (Zyklonen Tapes : 1996)
--"Vergewaltiger" full length CD (Noise V. Records  : 1995)

Anal Massaker official website: [[1]]
Anal Massaker official myspace: [[2]]
Toni Mastropaolo e-mail: