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The worst no-effort music ever created. Even Shitcore fans won't be impressed.

Blessed music from heavens anus. Anal Pope was formed shortly in 2005 after they realized that everything has an anus. You, God, Satan, and everyone else. Leaving with that said, the tr00 warriors of the apocalyptic downfall of the ignorisms of todays world come together to form Anal Pope. But how did they get together? It's a quite interesting story...

Years past, the clouds of the Nordic skies created a mass of energy. This energy, being a demon, split into three warriors. At that time, their names were Hane Barbere (Cock Shaved), Brystvorte Brenne (Nipple Sizzler) and Johannes Dinekanal (Joe Uranus). These names were given to them on the rights of their God. Sent on the planes of the Nordland by the Deity of all things, they protected the people there who prayed. Those who prayed for protection against the evil giants and Basilisks living in the caves, that is. One time, the elder of the town Hålop ordered the three to slay a rare Rasputins Penis Monster. The three then bashed it's skull in with their +2 clubs.

They were rewarded with 60 gold pieces each, and bought themselves instruments. They were hard to come by. At that time, Hane Barbers (Cock Shaved) worked on the Organ, Brystvorte Brenne (Nipple Sizzler) and Johannes Dinekanal (Joe Uranus) stuck with the vocals. All the recordings were lost that year, when the vile God Zygox banished them to eternal rest in the hideabouts in Sweden, the sister country of Norway. Before awakening in 2005, and realizing that everything had an anus, Yugoloth protected their resting place until he could not fend it anymore. He woke them up. Why? The end is near, he thought. Blatant Christianity took over the land, and they had to stop it!

To this day, they have taken the casual American names. Cock Shaved, Nipple Sizzler, and Joe Uranus then took the shape of normal teenagers. Today, they live in the city of Harrisonburg Virginia, as normal students at HighSchool. Lonesome teenagers were the original owners of the bodies. Now, they are in good use. Pleasing crowds of a young age, they hope to form the rightful order of worship to the Gods! All hail them, for these Saints are blasting off soon!