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-Pure Sorrow (Released by Dustin Must Die)
-Dark Nature (Released by Love Torture Records)
-Meet The Coroner (Released by Love Torture Records)
-Mournful Sentence (Released by Love Torture Records)
-Endometrium Cuntplow vs. Astral Vomit - Fuck You Guillermo Vargas Habacuc!!!! (Released By Love Torture Records)
-Dark Nature Part 2 (Released By Trashfuck Net)
-Fbrz/Astral Vomit (Released By Trashfuck Net)
-RedSK/Astral Vomit - Split (Released By Trashfuck Net)
-Sight For Ears (Released By Amduscias Records)
-Beta Test Of My Life (Released By Findit Fuckit Recordit)
-Cute Lovely Harsh Noise (Released By Love Torture Records)
-Cold Waves (Released By Findit Fuckit Recordit)
-Nice Death (CDR - Released By Smell The Stench)
-Endometrum Cuntplow Vs. Astral Vomit (Released By Università Degli Studi Del Male/End Of Music)
-Dead Tech (Released By No Bottom Records)
-Terminal (Released By Smell The Stench-Net Label)
-Amputated For Fun (Tape - Released By Smell The Stench)
-Dark Technology (Released By Khemikhal Records)
-Telepathy (Released By Walking Madness)
-Mental Manifestations - Split With Neonworm (Released By Love Torture Records)
-The Purest Pain - Split With [unitauf](CDR Released By Subliminal Recordings)
-Dead Tune (CDR Limited to 10 copies Released By Super Terrore Z)
-Scary Dawn (Released By Amduscias Records)
-Hearing (Released By Walking Madness Records)
-Tritoy Whitemap Sub-bleeding - 3way Split With Endometrium Cuntplow And Razxca(Released By Trashfuck Net)
-Fashion Trashix - Split With Razxca And C4 (Released By Amduscias Records)
-Incoming Text Message (Released By Proc-records)
-Filled (Released By HN)
-Maps (Released By Sjalvmordsoljud Records)
-The Unstable Burial (Released by Dadaist Audio).
-Bookmark Us - Split with Razxca,Assholemouthead and C4(Released by Proc Records).
-2 Way Split - Split With Endometrium Cuntplow (Released by Kitty On Fire Records).
-Dead Tech 2 (released By HN).
-Reverb (Released by Proc-records)
-Test Ep (Released By Microbit-rec)
-The 16k Fun Ep (Released By 20kbps) was covered with blood (Coming soon Released by Harsh Trip Records).
-Magick Rituals Series From Svartgalgh Records:TBA
-Funeral Alpha (January - Released by Svartgalgh Records)
-Nympho Manga Whore - Split with Anal Abszess (TBA - Released By Pus-Filled Asshole Records)
-"The Black And White Box" Collection (CDR - TBA Released By Trashfuck Net)
-Split With Ego Death
-Excerpts And Noise That Make Zombies Seem Friendly - Compiled By Durik The Temptress - Released By Love Torture Records,
-Love Torture Volume 1 Compilation Released By Love Torture Records
-Noise Sampler 10 - Released By Amduscias Records
-Bad Sectors (Released By Proc-records)
-The Placenta Compilation vol 3 (TBA) - Released By Placenta Recordings