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== Upcoming Releases ==
== Upcoming Releases ==
• How to Leave the Morning After (2019)<br>
• How to Leave the Morning After (2020)<br>
• In Actuality/Ineptitude ''(TBA)''<br>
• In Actuality/Ineptitude ''(TBA)''<br>
• Feminists Against Jesus ''(TBA)''<br>
• Feminists Against Jesus ''(TBA)''<br>

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Absconding Life is an experimental music project that has been active since 2013. The project consists solely of Fabian Basker and is based in London, England. No profit is ever taken whatsoever. All proceeds from online purchases are donated to charities of the buyers' choosing, or to the one listed in the Bandcamp bio if left unspecified.

Earlier releases were more varied and experimental, heavily relying on musique concrète techniques and ideologies, whereas later works veered more towards harsh noise and noisegrind or, contrastingly, to vast (and still containing heavy noise elements) ambient soundscapes.

Absconding Life has featured lyrical themes since 2013, however these have been more prominent in later releases, relying on more audible screamed delivery. The currently in progress noisegrind quadrilogy features stream-of-consciousness-esque lyrics on philosophical, social, environmental, political and ethical themes.

Lyrical inspiration is often taken from:

Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf.

Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), Elliott Smith (Elliott Smith), Jon Chang (Discordance Axis), J.R. Hayes (Pig Destroyer), Katherine Katz (ex-Agoraphobic Nosebleed), Robert Smith (The Cure).

Jean Baudrillard, Jacques Derrida, René Descartes, Michel Foucault, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Søren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Neitzsche, Plato, Jean-Paul Sartre, Arthur Schopenhauer.


• ...for fear of detection by God. (2013)
• Eponymous//Absconding from Life (2013)
• Live Like a Plot Twist in Perfect Blue (2013)
• God Holds the Copyright to Everything (2013)
• Snakelung Transplant (2013)
• No-one Is Dead (2014)
• A Curse Worse Than Death (2014)
• I Hope You Find Something That Makes You Want To Not Hurt Yourself (2014)
• IV/IIII (2014)
• Titled ' Untitled' (2014)
• Nonlinear Narratives & Time Paradoxes (2014)
• Acts of Violence/Acts of God (2014)
• Loneliness Measured in Decibels through the Parting of Skin (2014)
• Therapy's Fatality (2014)
• Consensus Reality (2014)
• We Were Both Always Two Halves, so Here. I Made You a Single. (2014)
• The Open Prison of a Hospital (2014)
• Formulaic Non-existence (2014)
• V. (2016)
• Unloved and Uncut: Jigsaw Pieces to Fit (2016)
• Blue, Part Two (2016)
• The Virgin of Sorrows (2016)
• Noise, Grind, Abscond, Revolt! (2018)
• Dead Dreams (2018)
• Not the Way We Used to Be (2018)
• Immunity Threshold (2018)
• IV/IIII.I (2019)
• Still Life With Dead Corpse (2019)

Upcoming Releases

• How to Leave the Morning After (2020)
• In Actuality/Ineptitude (TBA)
• Feminists Against Jesus (TBA)
• Notes from Underground (TBA)
• Ambient -1: Music from Airports (TBA)
• The Red-Room Deluge Project, Revisited (TBA)

Compilation Tracks

À POIL [CDOAP011] (2016) ‎- Crâne d'Ours Records:
"Written for a Song With No Intention" & "Prophylaxis"

À POIL [CDOAP012] (2016) ‎- Crâne d'Ours Records:
"Our Neuroplastic Wormhole of Conversation" & "Red-Room Deluge I: Sometimes..."

H.F.N. Various Compilation Vol. II (2017) - H.F.N. Recordings:
"Blood Minerals/Rinsed with Blood and Repeated"

Repulsive Tribute Courrrtney Love (2017) - Fusilero Fal 55379 B12 Imbabura Records:
"Reflections on Naked Crowdsurfing Group Molestation"

"Ignacia" (TBA)