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http://www.myspace.com/kingvitamincereal -- no longer available

But there is plenty on Youtube, such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ljd7ZE0tW4k

And this one on Bandcamp: http://monorailtrespassing.bandcamp.com/album/disrupting-resistance


Damaging Habits (CDr, Ltd, RE) Not On Label
Disguised By Signal (CDr, MiniAlbum) Not On Label 2003
Tactile Agnosia (CDr, Mini) Not On Label 2003
Tools Of A Dangerous Trade (CDr, Mini) Not On Label 2003
Black Destination (2xCass, Ltd, C20) Truculent Recordings 2004
Damaging Habits (Cass, Ltd, C01) SRR 2004
Recycled Music (Cass) RRRecords 2004
Split (Cass, Ltd, C20) Troniks 2004
Untitled (CDr) Snip-Snip Records 2004
Disrupting Resistance (Cass, Ltd, C20) Monorail Trespassing 2005
Problems With Preventive Medicine (Cass, Ltd, C10) Hospital Productions 2005
Music For Handi-Capped Ears (Cass, S/Sided, C90) Not On Label 2006
Sole Posession (Cass, Ltd, C10) Callow God 2006
Bypassing Time Passing (LP, Ltd) Hospital Productions 2007
Bypassing Time Passing / Hard To Return (LP + Cass, Ltd, C20) Hospital Productions 2007
Enemy Of The Future (Cass, Ltd, C20) Truculent Recordings 2007
Stretch & Burn (Cass, Ltd, C15) Iatrogenesis Records 2007
Trashed (CDr, Mini, Ltd) Chondritic Sound 2007
Water Like Witch's Oils (Cass, Ltd, C28) Trash Ritual 2007
Collaboration (Cass, Ltd, C20) Throne Heap 2008
Embitterment (Cass, Ltd, S/Sided, C80) Collapsed Hole, Razors And Medicine 2008
Misinterpreted Injury (2x7", Ltd) Razors And Medicine 2008
Misinterpreted Injury (2x7", 45 ) Razors And Medicine 2008
Music For Handi-Capped Ears, Vol. 2 (Cass, Ltd, C60) Not On Label 2008
Refuse And Control (LP, Ltd) Hospital Productions 2008
Sitophilic Remorse (Cass, C10) Collapsed Hole, Happy Face Entertainment 2008
Untitled (Cass, Ltd, C10) Collapsed Hole 2008
Tracks Appear On:
Untitled (2xCass, Ltd, C10) Nothing Works In The S... Callow God 2005
L.O.D. (2xCass, Ltd, C40) Blue Hyacinth, Her Waist Callow God 2007
"It's Battery Acid You Slime" (Cass, C46) Herculean Puff Heavy Psych 2008