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Alice Lo
Real name:
Aliases: Алиса Ло
Country: Russia
City: Petrozavodsk
Own Labels: The Walking Shed

Main projects: Серость, Стены, Лица, ex-Lil' Sparky Side projects: One-time projects: Collaboration projects:

In groups:
Site: Bandcamp discogs
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Alice Lo (Алиса Ло) is a singer-songwriter and musician from Russia. He/she is a bigender person. Alice was previously known as Lil' Sparky but on October 27th, 2020 he/she stated that Lil' Sparky was "a different project and a different person". He/she also known for his/her work in the solo project Серость, Стены, Лица.



  • 2016 - Red Demo
  • 2017 - Red Demo 2
  • 2020 - Black Demo
  • 2020 - Purple Demo


  • 2020 - Life Is Dissonant

As Алиса Ло: Albums:


One of the founders of The Walking Shed.

Projects and Side Projects