All Hail to Antimusic Dumbasses

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All Hail to Antimusic Dumbasses.jpg
Artist(s): Трупнокалиберный Гноемёт
Title: All Hail to Antimusic Dumbasses
Released: 2020
Genre: Noisecore
Type: EP
Label: The Walking Shed
Format: Files - wav
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All Hail to Antimusic Dumbasses is eighth EP of Russian noisecore band Трупнокалиберный Гноемёт. Released by The Walking Shed in 2020.

Track list

01. All Hail to Antimusic Dumbasses
02. Kerosene Stench
03. Japanoise-Obsessed Retards (Noise Poseurs Still Sucks)
04. Strap-On Metalheads Division
05. The March of The Dead Clowns (Abosranie Bogom Cover)