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I, Michael A. Cosma am the founder of Mudball Records. In the era of cassette tapes I ran Mudball as a tape label, put out a few releases of my own and others. Mainly traded tapes with others doing the same thing. Played guitar in a few rock/metal bands. Played bass in Aspect. I have collaborated with several people online. Dave Fuglewicz and I have several releases you can find. Now I mainly do experimental noise type things by myself.


Just Me


My favorite is my Korg Space Delay micro synth. I use this recording into a computer with the Audacity program or into my iphone. Sometimes I do additional edits or layers/effects in Audacity as well. I may use a guitar or bass. Sometimes a vocal. My projects vary widely so it is more of a mental thing.

== Discography ==Live at the Table: by Twizd Saltz :

Usagi Sakana: by Aspect

Madhatter Bonus Time: collection on Soundcloud (Anixas)


Find me as Anixas on Facebook,Instagram,TikTok


Mudball Records usually in development some links may not work