Another 121 Types of Ears Mutilation

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Another 121 Types of Ears Mutilation.jpg
Artist(s): Трупнокалиберный Гноемёт
Title: Another 121 Types of Ears Mutilation
Released: 2021
Genre: Noisecore
Type: EP
Label: The Walking Shed
Format: Files - wav
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Another 121 Types of Ears Mutilation is eleventh EP of Russian noisecore band Трупнокалиберный Гноемёт. Released by The Walking Shed in 2021.

Track list

01. You My Deche
02. Penis Enlargement Untitled Cover
03. Toilet Clogged with Your Sewered Head
04. Eating Worms (Pile Of Eggs Cover)
05. Cristen Me with Razor Blades
06. Aunt Mary Untitled Cover
07. Are You a Cynic? Suck My Dick and Go Fuck Yourself!
08. Car Alarm (Mexican Power Authority Cover)
09. Children of Condom
10. Paranoia (SKULLxPIERCER Cover)
11. Crushed Pubic Bone
12. H.O.M.O. (Prodeath Cover)
13. The Wyoming Incident
14. Funeral Mongoloids Untitled Cover
15. R.I.P. Katz Seki
16. Thoughtful Committed People (Psychotic Sufferance Cover)
17. Sexy Uncanny Valley
18. Wake Up To Real Nightmare (Yesmeansyes Cover)
19. Road-killed Jesus
20. Adolf Shitter Untitled Cover
21. Greedy Pigs are Marching to the Slaughterhouse
22. Gorgonized Dorks Untitled Cover
23. Blowtorch Blowjob
24. Hanged Bodies (Disfigured Human Mind Cover)
25. LDOH Drums Punching My Face Like Adam Chaplin Punching His Enemies to Death
26. Mente Obstruida (Atrofia Cerebral Cover)
27. Low Level Life Intoxication
28. Short But Sweet (M.O.D. Cover)
29. Bipolar Buddha's Lustful Mania
30. Menschenmüll (Anal Tits Cover)
31. Can Tom Angelripper Rips the Angel Dust?
32. Minch (Minch Cover)
33. I Want Some Noisecore Tapes and Chocolate
34. Passed Out And Pissed On (Piss Junkie Cover)
35. Choker of Barbed Wire
36. Verreckt (Tumor Cover)
37. Russian Rock... Still Dead
38. Entry Level (Sidetracked Cover)
39. Postman Pechkin with the Machine Gun
40. Harsh Supplement Untitled Cover
41. Urethra Mutation
42. Selling Guns to Hood Kids (Eye Gag Cover)
43. Les Légions Noires still the Best
44. this is our talent, and we're happy with it (Shitnoise Bastards Cover)
45. Bizarre Charlie Alien Horseback on Xenomorph
46. Nausea (Beer Terror Cover)
47. I Hate Shitcore
48. Bullshit Propaganda (Arseslaughter Cover)
49. Shredded Entrails
50. Tormento (Vitimas do Crack Cover)
51. Swallowing the Atomic Bombs
52. central do medo (Changoz! Cover)
53. Rectal Stun Gun
54. ALLLLLRRIIIIIIIGHHHT! (Enbilulugugal Cover)
55. Love Sodom, Not War
56. SCUM (Rezeegtnuk Cover)
57. Gleb Samoilov Could be Lead the Revolution
58. Sore Scrotem (Psycho Cover)
59. Arseblaster
60. Massive Ejaculation Untitled Cover
61. Modern Russian Pop Scene Sucks
63. Cybergrind Sucks, Cybergoths are Cool
64. Speed Metal Makes Me Puke (Arse Cover)
65. That Gorenoise Guys Vomiting With the Distortion
66. Satanists Believe In God Also (Gofuckyourself Cover)
67. In Russia We Loves Pelmeni, Red Square and Grindcore
68. Горшок Мертв (Dread Of The Butcher Cover)
69. Scum Training
70. Grunt (The Goosegoosigagaga Cover)
71. Blitzkrieg Arse
72. Masterpiece Of Shit (Butt Auger Cover)
73. Alexey Glukhov Our New Messiah
74. Mega Armageddon Death (Electro Hippies Cover)
75. I Could Play the Best Black Metal Ever, But I'm Not a Nord
76. She Boar (Man Is the Bastard Cover)
77. Popsicle Holocaust
78. i open window and masturbate (Disintellectual Cover)
79. George Harrison Gave Me the Worst Joint I Ever Had
80. Medicate (Water Torture Cover)
81. Warning! This EP is Cursed
82. Jim Wells (Kim Karkrashian Cover)
83. The Plague Whore
84. Pipe In Your Forehead (Взрыв Кабачка в Коляске с Поносом Cover)
85. Agathocles are Cool, Rot are Cool Too, but Rotocles Fucking Sucks
86. Cartilha da Burrice (Days Of Hate Cover)
87. Noisy Self-Torture
88. Drink Much Piss (Shame Hole Cover)
89. Toxic Piss
90. Ritalin Attack (Agoraphobic Nosebleed Cover)
91. Do You Think My Music is Garbage? Well, You are Right
92. Чип и Дейл спешат на помощь! (Карданный Вал Cover)
93. Stabra Kadabra
94. We Wish (The HIRS Collective Cover)
95. The Noisy Retards Intrusion
96. Behind The Mask (Deathnoise Cover)
97. Penis Decrease
98. Asti Punx (Сripple Bastards Cover)
99. Knocking Out the Teeth with the Crowbar
100. Fuck On The Beach (Fuck On The Beach Cover)
101. Beer and Sidor Terror
102. Infected With Gonorrhea Contracted Through Anal... (Pankreatite Necro Hemorrágica Cover)
103. Obscure Nihilistic Hellhole
104. Up The Butt (Gory Melanoma Cover)
105. Alice in Necroland
106. XOXX-Rated (Xox Cover)
107. Deche-Charge’s Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery
108. Blue Collar Pride (Benümb Cover)
109. The Brown Note Finally was Reached by Me
110. Le Fin Du Fin Sur Du Pain C'est Du Brin (Frankensperm Cover)
111. Mass Degradation
112. Les Voix Claires, C'est Comme Une Bite Au Cul: Les Pd Aiment Ça (Mucus Cover)
113. Slamming Brutal Death Metal are Too Boring
114. Fikfek' (Penis Canina Cover)
115. Pablo Escobar
116. How Can You Listen to Russian Rock? (Drochills Cover)
117. I Don't Believe in Tomorrow
118. Onany Boys Untitled Cover
119. Fuck Untitleds
120. Destroyed (Last Days of Humanity Cover)
121. You My Deche