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Noise man from Hoorn, Netherlands. Runs Glitch City.

incomplete discography:

Manly Split (File, MP3) Non Quality Audio 2006
Split (Cass) Shit Inhaler 2006
4 Way Split cdr #3 (CDr) R.O.N.F. Records 2007
About Life And Love (File, MP3, 320) TRASHFUCK NET 2007
Apophallation (CDr, Ltd) Turgid Animal 2007
Revisiting Retro Metal I (File, MP3) Glitch City 2007
Teenage Adventures (CDr) Smell The Stench 2007
Untitled (File, MP3) Glitch City 2007
Untitled (File, MP3) Glitch City 2007
[Untitled] (File, MP3, 192) Dadaist Audio 2007
The Pokégods (File, MP3, Split) Glitch City, Animal Fact 2007
Revisiting Retro Metal II (File, MP3) Glitch City 2008
Girls And Girls (CDr) Not On Label 2008
Tracks Appear On: Cinnamon Frequencies (CDr, Ltd) Fuck The Underground Kakashka 2006
Noise Sux, Hot Sluts, Volume Four (File, MP3) Rapeface Legion Sudan 2006
Noise Sux, Smash The State, Volume Six (File, MP3) Culture And Art Legion Sudan 2006
The GOOD SLSK Noise Room Comp (File, MP3) A Minimalistic Approac... Non Quality Audio 2006
The MOST GOODEST SLSK Noise Room Comp (File, MP3) And How Could We Know Non Quality Audio 2006
The Most Non Quality Airbag (File, MP3) A Song For Non Quality... Non Quality Audio 2006
The SLSK Noise Room Comp (File, MP3) Frantic Layers Of Homo... Non Quality Audio 2006
TSAS And Friends Comp (CDr) Ruhrgebiet Slapstick The Sewer Anchovies Society 2006
Chaoz Records Net Compilation (File, MP3) El Sexo De Ibiza Chaoz Records 2007
Glitch Village Vol. 1 (File, MP3) Magic Herbs For Noise ... Glitch City 2007
Laughing In The Face Of Mainstream (File, MP3, 192) Gaping Holes In Outer ... Dadaist Audio 2007
Noise Sux Volume 7 Mocking Music (File, MP3) Hash Noise Super Colla... Legion Sudan 2007
R.O.N.F. Net Compilation Volume 2.0 (File, MP3) Troglodyte R.O.N.F. Records 2007
The Placenta Compilation Vol. 1 (File, MP3, Comp, VBR) Sand Inside Female Bodies Dadaist Audio 2007
Unofficial Releases:
Promo March 2007 (CDr, Promo) Untitled R.O.N.F. Records 2007