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(areacode)noise [ ], founded on community and mutual aid instead of scene and posturing, is an autonomous grassroots movement designed to bring experimental and noise communities together under the guise of their local area code.

There is no physical model of how an (areacode)noise collective should operate, for each city has a personality of its own. The most important aspect of an (areacode)noise collective which must always be preserved is, they should always be open to the public, community operated, and a safe place against sexism, ageism, ablism, racism, classism, sizism, and homophobia. And all decisions should be made collectively.

Formed by the founding members of the Richmond experimental collective 804noise in the December of 2001, the intention was to create or influence a network of experimental communities based on the area codes of individual cities. These communities would provide local artists and enthusiast with the tools for building a strong and healthy experimental community. A community where like minds can meet and combine individual resources to bring experimental media to the forefront.

(areacode)noise has now started expanding in Europe, with the creation of 30231NOISE in Thessaloniki, Greece, 44114NOISE in Sheffield, UK and 3861NOISE in Ljubljana, Slovenia. More European (areacode)noise collectives are currently in the works.

If you're interested in starting an (areacode)noise collective in your city, feel free to write Kenny Caustic Castle of the 804noise collective at causticcastle [at] gmail [dot] com, and let us know about your collective so we can list you on the ACNOISE hub. You can also join the mailing/discussion lists at

USA (areacode)noise collectives:

205NOISE - Birmingham, AL
212NOISE - New York City, NY
256NOISE - Huntsville, AL
310NOISE - Los Angeles, CA
323NOISE - Los Angeles, CA
404NOISE - Atlanta, GA
419NOISE - Tiffin, OH
434NOISE - Charlotte Court House, VA
440NOISE - Cleveland, OH
517NOISE - Greater Lansing, MI
574NOISE - South Bend, IN
610NOISE - Reading, PA
617NOISE - Boston, MA & New England
703NOISE - Northern, Virginia
713NOISE - Houston, TX
716NOISE - Jamestown/Buffalo/Rochester/Western NY Region, NY
773NOISE - Chicago, IL
757NOISE - Hampton/Norfolk/VaBeach/Newport News/Tidewater, VA
804NOISE - Richmond, VA
813NOISE - Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater, FL
828NOISE - Hickory/Ashville, NC
910NOISE - Wilmington, NC
919NOISE - Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC
954NOISE - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Europe (areacode) noise collectives:

44114NOISE - Sheffield, UK
30231NOISE - Thessaloniki, Greece
3861NOISE - Ljubljana, Slovenia