Asaotpu (Harsh Noise)

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Mai 12 "Asaotpu" -regular version-
Mai 12 "Asaotpu" -special version-

Asaotpu is first full-length album of harsh noise project Mai 12.

Track list

01. A Spring Afternoon Outside The Polytechnic University (37':13")

Release date

October 12th, 2017. Self-released.


- Minimal Edition (regular version)
Professionally duplicated and hand-painted red cassette with printed j-card on thick watercolor paper. Edition of 12.

- Zanax Edition (special version)
Professionally duplicated cassette housed in a wooden box, inside which there's an attached rusted metallic object, unique in each copy. Everything is hand-painted red. Comes with three cards with artwork and info. Edition of 12.

- Digital