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(The Catalogue)
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[[The Happiness Patrol]] are starting a new net label by the name of Bloody Spoons.
A net label that no longer exists.
We here at the Happiness Patrol believe the concept of good and bad art to be purely subjective, as such we have made the decision to start a new web label which will release any music anyone cares to sends us. We don't care what it is we'll still happily post it on our Archive.org profile at [https://archive.org/details/@bloody_spoons] in sparkling just right side of Mediocre 320kps MP3 quality and also as a ZIP file on our Mediafire account.
== Bloody Spoons is Bloody Over ==
This label died along with [[The Happiness Patrol]] at 03:07pm (GMT) 4th October 2016.
== The Rules ==
1. Send us your music either as a CD-R or via a web link. You're welcome to send a cassette but we can't guarantee pristine sound quality. Our email address is found in the below image:<br><br>
[[File:Dogcollar13.png ]]
If you require our postal address ask us via email.
2. Send us your artwork either for physical scanning or as digital image files.
3. Please state which Creative Commons license you which your work to be distributed under or if you simply wish to dedicate it to the public domain.
4. Within a few days of receiving your work we will assign you a catalogue number, post the content to the Bloody Spoons Archive.org profile (https://archive.org/details/@bloody_spoons) and send you a link.
== The Catalogue ==
== The Catalogue ==

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A net label that no longer exists.

The Catalogue

July 2016
Jesus Was a Cuck 150.jpg

BS 004 - District Convention Dogshit Overseer - "Jesus Was A Cuck"

June 2016

BS 003 - Duck Halt, Send In The Idiots and The Happiness Patrol - "Protest Songs Are Boring"

April 2016
Our Kingdom Ministry 150.jpg

BS 002 - "Our Kingdom Ministry (a The Happiness Patrol Sampler)"