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''[[Spacial (Experimental Noise)]]''
''[[Spacial (Experimental Noise)]]''
''[[Weird Aesthetics (Experimental Noise / Funk)]]''

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BxUxG (formerly known as Bug) is an experimental / noise project from Switzerland which formed in 2012.

From Non-Music to Music, it does not know any boundaries.

The whole discography for free download below:


Self released (old to new):


- (Minimalist Noise)

Rivers (Field Noise)

XP-N (Experimental Noise)

Mindglitch (Experimental Noise

D78H90-2183-aD-wE980 (Experimental Noise)

Codes (Experimental Noise)

8 Dimensions (Experimental / Noise)

Bend That Data Vol. 1 - 5 (Databending)

The Last Databender (Databending)

Bug Is Dead (Databending)

Bug Ain't Dead (Experimental Noise)

Arbitrary Confusion (Experimental Noise)

Havoc Mix-Up (Experimental Noise)

Chaotic Deficiency (Experimental Noise)

Knobbin' (Experimental Noise)

Noisemash Vol. I (Mash-Up Noise)

Glitch Looby (Experimental Noise)

Noise Jactation (Experimental Noise)

Rough Patch (Experimental Noise)

Climate Change (Experimental Harsh Noise)

Auditory Experience (Experimental Noise)

騒音 (Experimental Noise)

Drawn To Television (Experimental Harsh Noise)

Perfected Skills (Experimental Noise)

Decode (Experimental Noise)

Bit-Traveler (Experimental Noise)

Interplanetary Art Delivery (Experimental Noise)

Debugged (Experimental Noise)

Audible Visualization (Experimental Noise)

Outdated (Harsh Noise)

Incondite (Experimental Noise)

Cybernated (Experimental Noise)

Acrid (Drone / Harsh Noise)

Untitled (Experimental Noise)

0 (Experimental Noise)

Dazed (Experimental Noise)

Spacial (Experimental Noise)

Weird Aesthetics (Experimental Noise / Funk)

Other Genres:

Drum Pattern (Glitch)

Noise-Hop (Trip-Hop / Glitch Hop)

Scratch The Funk (Glitch Hop)

Minimalist Experience (Drone)

Chill Sesh (Chillout)

天 (Ambient)

BxUxG Takes A Break (Glitch & Bass)

Driftin' (Ambient Glitch)

Blackmailin' (Dubstep)

Fonky Life (Glitch Hop)

Astrogate (Ambient Glitch)

Mindshift (Trip-Hop / Drum & Bass / Glitch

Metamorphosis (Ambient / Psychedelic / Glitch)

Cyberspace (Experimental Ambient Glitch / Noise)

Ceaseless Debilitation (Ambient / Drone / Noise)


Collaboration With Sirimarco (Experimental / Noise / Free Jazz)

Collaboration With DJ Relish & 27 Other Soundcloud Artists (Experimental)

Full Live Sets:

BxUxG Live @ Fabritzke, Zurich 21.12.2013

BxUxG Live @ Klubi, Zurich 21.3.2014

BxUxG Live @ Oslo10 19.10.2014

BxUxG Live @ Kochareal 10.01.2016

Digital Releases:
Data Chaos (Databending)

1:11:11 (Databending)

Physical Releases:
Harsh Environment (Harsh Noise)

Digital Anther (Experimental Noise)

Major Mindglitch (Experimental Noise)

Filament (Harsh Noise)

Froward (Experimental Noise)

Thought Concept (Experimental Noise)

Sprawl (Experimental Noise)

Notice Of Malfunction (Experimental Noise)