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Costa Rica is a country located in Central America and has an important emergent noise scene after a boom of projects and labels that occurs during 2012.

Noise projects

There is a list of important noise projects from Costa Rica, some of them like Aracnophobia and Bloqueos mixes Noise and genres like Dark Ambient, Drone, Electroacoustic and others.

aUTOperro. Aokigahara. Arolgar. Aracnophobia. Bloqueos. Infanticidio. Destroyer. Godzillasaurius. La Propaganda Ruidosa.


Some labels that works with noise in Costa Rica are listed below, there is no label focused on Noise music but CESProducciones and Achromatic Productions are focused on Noise, Ambient and Experimental music so are a reference to Costa Rican Noise.

CESProducciones. Achromatic Productions. La Orden Dorada. Human Slaughterhouse. Nightfall Distro. Serpent God Records.

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