Cerebral Roil

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One man surrealist harsh noise project. One man studio sometimes two man live surrealist harsh noise project. Uses/has used contact microphones, sheet metal, screaming, springs, cymbals, hammers, forks, saws, vinyl records, angle grinders, cheese graters, screws, beer cans, steel chairs, guitars, violin bows, The Bible, analog synths, boxcutters, modular gear, razor blades, keyboard stands, organic feedback, metal spools, crowbars, tapes, and of course a ton of pedals to create sounds. The forces of Cerebral Roil and E-Yard combine to create Boozehammer. Doesn't release much recorded material, does live shows often though.. I've collabed with +DOG+, Chopstick, Medicine Cabinet, Deep Fried Radio Static, Man Vs. Nature, Abacus, Shrew Florist, Instagon, Warning Broken Machine, UEM, and Rubbish.