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Have you seen my 1943 Bronze Cent? 1943 bronze cent.jpg

1943 penny sells for $200k

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Kill yourself cunt.

You timebent fake-magus twat.

I bet you scumbag. Face it. All you are is a twat that stalks me around message boards.

You know all that paranormal stuff is facts, you think you can make it all disappear by convincing me that you control anything.

Think of how fucking pathetic you are to even want to try to claim stuff you know is true, isn't true.

You can't teach, you've never tried to.

I proved you're a twat.

There's nothing else to prove. You're a useless eater,

I'm someone that posted what millions of people know is true - you included. You're in denial.

That's because you're in denial.

And you're mentally ill. Which is a form of denial.

You start a fucking paranormal thread. Start one, then shove it up your packed-up anus.

What statement? Why do you prefer hard-baked non-sweet torus-shaped breads?

What RPG twat? Do you think I'm a 'he'? Why?

But you know I'm not agressive loon.

Just like you know that says 'google's first 100 links'.

Yet your inferior mind hasn't managed to so anything as simple as - read what is there.

You don't base your loon views upon anything that is actually there.

So you are PJ Cameron that got my Catweasel forums banned, cause I posted you scumbags phonenumbers etc on them?

Not possible for me to be lame. You however - very very different story.

Sorry dude, not only did I post that glyph to a total cunt called Cas long ago - but these turds have to be told how things are.

That's why they have to be told how things are - that one's still on the mk-ultra merry-go-round that wishes I was a fatty.

It's a well-known mind-control program.

Or would you prefer anthrax in the mail?

I could delete it, I posted it. Just edit, then delete. (no you can't dumbass misc is under lockdown)

But it's ok - the US govt want me to kill you.

By Christ you people are fucking imbeciles.

Stop ruining John Waters films for me.

What conspiracy you paranoid freak? It's you scumbags that are in the conspiracy, to stop utopia at every fucking turn.

To the other guy - no, Catweasel is a bunch of forums that I had, that 'PJ Cameron' that posts at The Reptilian Resistance and Dark Conspiracy got banned because I wound up having to use them to name-and-shame all kinds of scum who are part of the kill-utopia-conspiracy.

Serious?! You're damn fucking right it's serious when anyone thinks they can do those kinds of things to me. And thinks they can stop me retaliating against them.

The assholes on here - no doubt including you, that have all tried to pile on top of me because they don't want truth being told about the topics mentioned, think they can blatantly be those same stalkers and abusers and then turn around and claim otherwise.

Fuck you. You're lying scum, you know it. Don't fucking try to wriggle out of being honest about what you are.

Don't fucking ignore what is done and said to me, then think you can get at me for pointing out what's been done. Why don't you find out why I got abuse here for posting facts in the first place - cause that would in fact interest real people who actually gave a fuck about what counts in the way you are trying to kid on you do here.

Ask Roil Rubbish what they meant by stating here that I had to take account of what I posted on other forums.

Ask Tina there why they picked that username, and why they think those pictures are part of what conspiracy.

Find out why you have users who launch attacks if anyone dares to post some truths about the subtle energy realms.

Ask yourself why you choose to ignore such obvious events as they in fact occured, to continue with your charade there talking down to me as if there is anything you are holding that trumps fuck all.

This is no game. Your kinds need to learn to shut up and quit trying to take control of what isn't yours.

You must have, if you think that comment you made there applies to me.

See above if so. Mine's the reply to the instigating, why is that so difficult to realise.

Why - if so - does one set of standards apply to me, yet a whole other set of standards applies to anyone that can't deal with what I write.

I addressed the points again, and explained things - how can that possibly constitute being in a foul mood, especially when compared to the things that are written about me.

As I told Roil in reply to one of their pm's - I don't care what some types think about the way in which I post about 'the paranormal' - it's up to them to explain themselves to me, not the other way around.

I don't see a coherent or well-meaning plan on anyone's part, for keeping such things under wraps. If they wish to explain to me why they think they are allowed to do that, then I'm all ears.

Alls I can do to get thru to you then is reiterate what I've already writ.

Of course I came here for Noise - I started a topic on the music I have to see who else likes the same artists etc. Got some replies, but not too many.

I find it of interest that it appears some cult exists, regardless of what forums you go to, and they are always bullying anyone that tells the truth about topics considered 'supernatural'.

As I wrote, if any of these people want to explain to me why they believe they have authority in that area to bother those who write about it, then I'm all ears. But it would appear that they don't want anyone hearing about it because they are using it for ill reasons themselves. And that I cannot abide with.

I seem to recall that VHS thread being normal - that was before one of the usual assholes with MPD attacked me over my response in the thread about banning exotic pets.

There was a thread before the exotic pets one, when some of those schizos tried to do their usual bullying, but they seemed to realise some truths and it all died down.

Basicly the same thing had happened. I posted something, someone gave me abuse - and I gave it them back. Then instead of using the actual facts, another couple of posters tried to make me take the abuse, but not respond to it, so I had to explain to them that they can't do that to people. And - like I said - it died down. Fuck knows why it started up again in the exotic pets thread.

And that is bad - you shouldn't try to make anyone feel that if they do 'wear their heart on their sleeve' that they should expect to get abuse for that. You should join the right side - who kill anyone that thinks they can mould the world that way!

It only 'causes trouble' because the same schizos are affected by it! But it's them who are the trouble.

The thread is extreme to start with, and I don't even agree with it. I just threw in a precise and consise explanation for why it is ALWAYS WRONG to keep any lifeform in a cage!

I was slanderously abused for adding my 2c. THEN I told the idiot who gave me the abuse, 'fuck you scum'.

It's plain as day!

I'm sorry if my original comments there were seen as attacks on anyone, all I intended to show was that it is evil and fucked up to keep things in cages. There's no denying that - we have prisons, and they are bad places to be in precisely because you are locked up! So anyone that can't see that it's as wrong to do that to an animal, well, their brains aren't working very well then. I reckon they know it's wrong, but they like being cruel and having 'power over' another living being.

Most humans realise that, hence there's so many people that campaign against zoos for example, and show that safari parks are humane by comparison.

It's the same as the difference between factory-farmed meat, and organic free-range wild-caught.

Or.....remember those stories about the false-utopias, where some people have all the money, only because they make other people slaves. So their world is built upon the pain and suffering of others. Instead of just respecting what they need to survive, and treating it right and giving it at the least a good life.

That's all I meant. I don't expect to get abuse from someone just cause they can't abide with stuff like astral projection, I don't know how else to explain such things, so I used common terms.

So I didn't even go off-topic! I'm not going back to be insulted again. It was evil enough the first time I had to see that. You're lying if you claim you can't read that.

Then you turn into the usual idiot - claiming I'm not allowed to attack back! I told you that I am. That's how cause and effect works - if somone does you wrong, when you've done nothing wrong, then you can do what you like to them.

As for your thinking that animals don't matter but people do! Wake up - animals are not capable of being evil. Only humans are capable of that. It's the best way to judge the quality of a person's character - how they treat the lifeforms they depend upon in order for them to exist. You're really ignorant of how this works if you think you can ignore nature's hierarchy. People could ALL disappear - good and bad - it won't make a difference to life here! The only ones that would suffer would be the domesticated ones since no-one would be around to feed them.

People that think they are superior to the plants, animals, etc - that's how you tell who the unworthy evil people are. That one is way more than obvious.

First off, that other guy needs to realise what a fucking twat he looks like, trying to get all legal with me. Kill yourself fool.

As for you - you're simply a fucking moron. It is starting a fight to call a thing incomprehensible crap. You scum are basicaly getting at me for doing a similar thing, and as has been explained to you many times now, you have double standards there. If you meant what you are saying, and it wasn't just about bothering me precisely because you know I'm right, and such a threat to your evil way of being, then you'd get at the instigator instead of at me.

Plenty of people understand it fine. You're the one with the problem there. I'm not here to help you 'comprehend' so you need to keep trying to guilt-trip me, or whatever is wrong with you that you keep replying the same crap to me instead of attempting to reply to what I wrote.

You've got serious issues, it's obvious you know what's what - but for some reason you think you can hide that. Just kill yourself.

Show me how I'm a troll, scum.

Go a fucking head, and explain yourself now.

After all I've written - that you are trying to deny your being part of useless eater, and now you are claiming to know all these other forums I;ve been on?!

What ones? List them all. List what usernames you used on them all.

How do you even know about them, unless what I've explained here about your kinds is all true.

Don't claim you got the info. from me you fucking evil parasite coward. Cause then you have to explain how come you believe me about that, oh but not about anything else.

Don't fucking bother me boy. I'll wipe you all over the floor.

Realise something asshole - I'm not trying to hide. Think about what is going to happen to you cunts, when your real identities are revealed, and your actual true motivations for being the way you are are all revealed.

You've got your whole actual act to lose when that all transpires. I don't have an act tho', never did.

So what's with your ability to trust me on that, yet not on a thing else I wrote.

Your choices. You make them, not me.

You believe me about some stuff - not about other stuff. Yet your evidence for each is the same.

Anything I've pointed out here. You know, the reasons you and me are having this exchange in this way to begin with. There you go again.

You're picking and choosing at your whim from what I've posted here, what stuff you believe and what stuff you don't believe.

I've stated that I am not trying to change anyone's minds. I don't think that is possible, I think people are the way they are - if truth is in them, then it will out. Other folk just don't have the means to understand some things.

It's not acceptable to call something 'incomprehensible garbage' and expect not to get pulled up for that. It's no different from if I wrote something about more traditonal science and someone got annoyed about that.

It's not 'incomprehensible' - that's an outright lie. People need to learn that their not getting such things is the same as their not getting - say - quantum physics. It's their fault, it doesn't mean the thing they don't get is at fault.

Nobody ever tries to claim something like the aethers don't exist, by offering their own explanation that even attempts to cover the various things that need explaining. They just think that conveying 'it's not real' and ignoring a whole load of known phenomena will do.

It's just not rational, the way in which those things are denied. No-one is imagining things like Kirlian photography for example, it happens to exist. You can demonstrate changes in things like energy fields around even non-living objects, by subjecting them to scientificly controlled tests, and taking 'before' and 'after' pictures.

And I'm not flaming - you are just using your schizo lies against me again. You've got nothing to say about the majority of what I write here, you pick up - as usual - only upon the posts that you feel give you a right to keep these pointless evil-energy exchanges going.

I'm not doing that.

You used my name there for example. You say you got that from my posts here.

So where's your reply in that thread?

Why are you sooooo interested in only the threads where I'm defending myself and countering abuse that thinks it can dominate me by way of provoking comments? How can anyone get to be like you are? What the hell happened to you?! I've had loads of bad things come my way, and I'm not that way.

I already asked who BRR is - of course, that doesn't get a reply - so as to make the lies and confusion keep snowballing.

B.A. - you saw what I wrote - why have you yet again chosen to reply to only a bit of it?

Answer: because you need - are addicted - to unproductive bad energy creation and exchanges.

There's nothing healthy or pleasant about you. Like I pm-ed you - you got an ego problem.

Saying things like 'tango' is just begging for everyone to point out what an idiot you are. You know why, so don't bother with any denials. Let's just say that whatever trip you are on, you really need for me (or some other unlucky

I don't know BRR or owt about them. Of course, I can't prove that, I suppose.

I don't get you or what you are all about. If the T'inator was still online, I'd link you that and you could put my posts thru it, and get the Mr.T version of them. But regrettably it doesn't seem to be online any more.

My browser spazzed up there.

It shoulda read in the brackets 'some other unlucky person to fixate or attach to'.

If that stops this - all I need to do is post last and you'll cease the stupidity and you can and kid-on I love you ro whatever, I don't care. I hope it works.

Fuck, another loon.

So you're still trying to preach at me as if you know anything.

You're beyond help, you do realise that don't you, at least.

Since you do keep bringing it back up - it is obvious by what I wrote when I started this thread why I did it. You know I'm laughing at how fucking stupid you are when I did this topic.

Stop your nonsense boy. You're immature and you're trying to appear clever. You may have noticed I don't need to do that, that's why I can call you a moron, then go back to either being funny or informative right away. The truth and the facts speak for themselves.

I'm a she, and I'm in Greenock. I didn't go to the Noise festival because they banned smoking in the bars here.

Fucks sake - one of the twats even used my name here.

No men have a name like that you moron.

The evil irony of it was that the venue is a vegan place!

So it pained me not to attend, but I can't go what the evil has done to places by having them no-smoking.

You don't love noise?

What the fuck are you here for then, cunt?

Fuck off - go play at your wargames, that's the type of parasite you are.

Then go get your MK-ULTRA handler to check the micorchips in your moron head, cause as usual they are all malfunctioning.

You fucking scum are so obsessed with having things seem to be the way you wish they were, you just can't accept how they actually are. Deal with it, you're mentally ill and you're wrong.

You can't even reply me as-is. That's how out of it you are, yet you keep sending more freaks to repost the same lies at me. Trying to say I'm the one who is sick here - when you can't even deal with the facts as written in the very threads you reply to.

What you're doing is the very definition of mental illness.

That's what being a loon means you fucking jackasses - it means you can't handle what's there in front of your face, you have to try to twist things so it - in this case for example - seems like you haven't been explained things adequately.

btw way to go on yet another possible proper interaction online being fucked right up, just because you have a severe problem in communicating like a normal fucking human.

You're obsessed with fucking it up every time, always in the same way you fucked it all up before.

Only thing you ever caught was a cold. You might have been on a lot of rye at the time tho'.

Never in my life did I think there could be that many morons in the human race, until I started using internet message boards.

What drugs are you on?

Art Bell agrees with the paranormal stuff you fucking twat. What did he do? Pass his show onto CSICOP or your loon handlers? I don't think so cunt. And you know that I call your kinds cunts to your fucking faces - that's why you hide behind your multiple troll accounts online.

Correct, I don't know you.

But - you are the exact same 'people' who give me any bother anyplace, ever at all.

You're all the same. I don't believe that you cunts that are so blatantly all the same 'person' don't know what you are. It's possible, but I doubt it.

Liars are liars the world over, their motivations are all identical. Thoughts are energy waves - alpha beta gamma theta delta - folks like your kinds that have identical thought patterns are that way because - you're all the same 'person'.

You're not clever scumbag.

You wish you could be like me, that's the source of all your psychotic problems.

I'd pm you back but I don't pay for this crap, so I have a message limit - just in case you think you're getting away with anything scum.

You posted that one already, schizo. Ironicly you must have gone on the loop and forgot your meds.

You just like making an arse and nusiance of your schizo self. You cunts can't ever handle it when you behave like spoilt brats or thugs, then who you're doing that to does it back to you way better. Oh no! Your much needed behaviour-pattern that others must conform to has died!

I can't wait for the day when you reality-destroying scum are forced to accept how mentally ill your whole system of beliefs is, about your big elaborate bullshit about how anyone else is acting their life and putting on a front the way you scum are.

That'll release the whole planet from it's 'interdimensional prison'......no more demi-urge loons like you having your fake-thoughts constricting the aethers of all freedom.

It'll happen. Your energy-prison will dissolve to nowt.

It'll be the best day the Earth will ever experience.

Because y'all are doing what you do, because you are part of misusing such tech.

Anyway I don't have that kind of money. Nor the space etc to set it up in. Look at how you is in my space right? For me to use such would be worse than in The Fly, when that guy gets mixed up with the fly in his teleporter - I'd get even more caught up with your evil energy as part of my world!

it's a dirty job but somebody has to kid-on like they chose to do it and aren't just force to against their will cause you ruined their life

That would be about showing you how to harness it. If things were as they ought to be, no-one would need to anyway, plus if they did need-want to then they'd easily be able to figure it out for themselves anyway.

If there were schools, it'd be part of the cirriculum.

You'll be back on your shift at the Base as if this all never happened. And the beauty of it being - it won't matter how long you drag returning out for! The same fate awaits regardless.

Well I'm not here in your faked-world to participate in it's fakeness.

Yeah it's great being rich, but it's a pale mirror of being able to have it all without parasitising matter itself to exchange it for other things also made of matter.

A twat at my school used to try to call me B.A. That's you trying to mind-control me into thinking I was you back then. But you're him.

Can't watch videos, I'm on dial-up.

You're not!

There's a biiiiiiig diff. between us right away.

See if you can spot the rest, ie - everything about you vs everything about me!

So pathetic, the way you try to own people by making them think they are you or one with you etc.

Still acting it then I see. No wonder your alter-egos here wish that I was acting also.

B.A. - your avatar you fucking loon. Mr. T's character in the A-Team.

Don't ask me why he called me that - he's one of you! Maybe he saw me as a tall black dude?!

FUCK YES. How insular is that?! Saw past the end of your nose lately by any chance?

I know those bullies are the same exact scumbags as you arsewipes here, and at any other forum where you type exactly the same things in exactly the same ways.

You're the same ones that stopped Tesla's free energy being the standard used - so you could own and control things in this world.

You're just a cunty wee tool of that whole evil mess.

No, you're fucked. Check the future, you lose - cause you are going against me.

Remember twat? Don't matter how long you drag this out, you end up back in the same place-time-etc.

And don't any cunt try that 'emo's suck' crap here. I'll defend anyone's right to dress how they please and listen to what the fuck the music they want to, as long as it's not bothering anyone else it's not your business. Just in case that's what is brewing there.

You can't get electrocuted by the likes of longitudal transmission of electricity.

No-one ever did. Just a lot of animals were fried to death when you wished it to appear to be dangerous.

All their souls will come back for revenge btw.

Twats call them emo's tho' - because they seem to have a pulse on what's actually wrong with the world.

And I know you wish I was fat and inbred - that's part of your same psycho belief programming as that other stuff you want to be true about me, the act stuff etc.

I'm not, but so fuck if someone is fat? Like that is a crime compared to the way you people are! Not at all! Even if someone is inbred, that is nothing compared to what you're all up to. My family tree does not reveal such tho', so wrong as usual.

Belgium does exist. I've been there, I'm Bob Evil. (that's a joke btw, from the Time Chasers film)

"AC is dangerous, wireless is dangerous, LSD is dangerous, cannabis makes you turn psycho......" - all comes from the same place. The Realm of the Liar.

What's a frohawk?

How are you going to explain how you have my photo?

You don't seem to realise how serious it is, that you could have had my photo at all.

Can't you see it proves that you were at Sacred Cow? So therefore all I wrote about you then was true as well.

Yet you denied it there, same way you've denied stalking me here.


Learn the truth