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Completely Gone Recordings (or CGR) is a label based on the west coast of the United States, and has been active since October, 1988, beginning with the name Hot Damn! Tapes (or HD!T). That version of the label released 30 limited edition cassettes (+ a few CD's) on a local level. The name was eventually changed to CGR when the label debuted online, in 2006. Generally, Completely Gone is perhaps best known for releasing experimental music. However, it also releases the occasional indie, jazz, electronic or metal album. In June, 2018, CGR merged with Dutch label Takkeherrie Recordings (or TR). TR has reissued many classic CGReleases since. In total, nearly 400 CGReleases have been published, as of July, 2019.

Current CGRtists

Alright Spider, Anthony Osborne, Army Of 2600, B.Brain, BBS, bloody blue, Bobé Van Jézu, Buben, Crows In The Rain, DAC-1, Cousin Silas, David Nadeau, Deceased Squirrel On The Phone, Devin Sarno, Dust Mill, Eisenlager, experiMENTALien, Fotòn, Globoscuro, Grid Resistor, HeAD, HS, Ilaria Fierro, Imi Enzyme, Intergalactic Wizard, Jack Hertz, Jaime Munárriz, Johannes Bergmark, Kosmik Leprechaun, L'anthracite, Lisa Bella Donna, littleGLORY.B, Lutz Thuns, Mach Feedback, Matij, Mesa Lanes, Metachaun, Mina Kimović, M​.​Nomized, Model 201, MoreBlackThenGod, Morgan Gutentag & Dottie Clementine, Mors Mea, mutanT.R.I., mutaPARK, Niko Deck, Nimbostrata, Nina Maroccolo, nordBeck, Øystein Jørgensen, Peter Wullen, Qkcofse, Quint Baker, Revolution Freewill, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Secant Prime, Serena Zingoni, Seth Rozanoff, Shaun Robert, Shin Pal, Slo-Blo, Super Thirty-One, Sylphides, Terje Paulsen, Thomas Park, Tim Daisy, Tom Cadillac, Total E.T., Totalitný Režim, T​​.R​​.I.​v.​M., TXHM, Ullapul, Una Lee, V, WHΛLT THISИEY, Wilfried Hanrath, Yaka-anima and Yann Pillas.

Alumni CGRtists

a-FORM, Aileen Holmes, AIN23, Anew42, Ars Sonor, Awake, Bamboo Gas Mask, Betty Sjobeck, Berthelot, Bird Machine, Black Madonna, °B°O°B°O°B°, Bog, Bonemagic, Brian Mckinley & Daniel Sullivan, Bullshit Market, C, Call, Channel Surfing, Codifier, Crepuscular Entity, C. Reider, Crest Fear Blur, Dark Abyss, (dell.tree), Derek PS, Doki Doki, Elektrophil, Elbourikoloko Delakabeza, Endometrium Cuntplow, Erekta, EugeneKha, Evgenij V. Kharitonov, Extacy Punx, Famous Classical Soliloquies, Fat Legs, Frank Berggrensson, Fuck, The Retarded Girl, Full On, Gates Of Awesome!, Geitenmelk, GoldoraK, GûæGûæGûæGûæGûæGûæGûæGûæGûæGûæ, Hal McGee, hCrink, He_lium, Highkey​.​Lowkey, Iban Call, Igor OGOGO, Instagon, Interdirectional, Jag är Herren, Er Gud, Jennifer Kayle, Jliat, Josh McCurdy, Justin Guillen, KemoKlen, Kid Gorgeous, Kisama!, Kreepazoa, Leland Vandermeulen, Lien Vøid, LKW107, Lusca, M▲R▲5, Mars In Hell, Medicine Cabinet, Metek, Mold, Moldy Ghetto, Monotremata, Moon Dreamer, Mystified, Natlyea, Nemik Sound, Not Even Hope, N.Strahl.N, Obsolete (Office Equipment), Occluded Plateaux, Ov Thee Key, Penetration Pioneers, Phog Masheeen, Phone, Pindakaas, Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, Poppy Ruth Silver, Pythagora, RaaMM, RedSK, Reisebüro86, Ruby, Rusty-Like, Rypher, Savier UK, Scragnoth, Sean Taugher, Shady Mountains, SHJK, Siegmar Fricke, Slings, Snojam, Sodor, Stereo Chickens, Tambourine Halo, The Cobalt Rod, The Hayseed Boys, The Insect Explosion, The Saint Petersburg Institute Of Noise, The Side Effect, The Song Cycle, Tomas Aronsson, Trash Can Man, UgleeFuck, UV Flood, Ved, VL, Vmood, Vziel Projet, Xenocats and Zebra Mu.

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