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Deche-Charge is a noisecore band from Quebec (Canada) started back in August 1990 as a joke.

Official website with free downloads of ALL the releases:

The original line up (from 1990 to summer 1993) was:
Dan-Charge: voice/drum machine
Chain Saw: voice/drum machine
Doom: bass/guitar/vocals
Original lineup.jpg

This was the line up in the middle '90s:
Dan-Charge: voice/drum machine/drums
Chain Saw: voice/drum machine/drums
Seb Grindionnoise/Frank Goshit: bass/guitar

The actual line-up is still Dan-Charge and Chain Saw along with FredEND (guitar) and STDécalisse. Frank Goshit has made an official appearance on the 2014 'Disgrace to the Corpse of Seth' LP, his first since 1995.


The original D-C influences were Sore Throat's "Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid" LP (side 1) and the Napalm Death song "You Suffer". The characteristic D-C sound is repetitive 1 second songs in almost all their releases. The early demos always featured more and more tracks on every following release, including song titles, those of which eventually dissapeared by the time of the 5th demo because there were too many tracks to write titles for. By then early 90's bands like A.C., 7MON and MEAT SHITS became the main influences. Eventually by the mid 90's their sound became more chaotic and harsh, and by the late 90's/2000's it got back to the classic '91-'93 sound. A drum machine was used from 1991 to 1994, after then using real drums.
The song titles/lyrical concept is pure stupidity and nonsense, just writing whatever comes to mind and being as offensive as possible, being totally politically incorrect.
During a couple years in the early to mid 2000's a 'fake' D-C was going around and releasing stuff. It was actually Frank Goshit doing it without Dan or Chain Saw's knowledge. A few of these releases are listed here in the discography with a special mention.
The band still records and play shows on a very irregular basis.
Some Deche-Charge side projects are/were MORBID SHIT, ANAL JACKSON, CLITORIS TRAFFICKER, RETARDED ROOSTER, DAN-CHARGE, CHAIN SAW and countless other shit/noise/retarded projects. Dan-Charge and Frank Goshit used to run the shit/noise label Gocharge Records with a catalogue literally filled with hundreds of tapes by their own projects.

Deche-Charge discography as of early 2014:

"Metal Deche Cores" demo tape #1 (Self Released : 1990)
"Le Retour Des Deche Cores" demo tape #2 (Self Released : 1991)
"T.P.S." demo tape #3 (Self Released : 1992)
"Masturbation Genetique" demo tape #4 (Self Released : 1992)
"Nazi Deche Cores Fuck Off" demo tape #5 (Stupidity Records : 1993)
split with GENITAL MASTICATOR demo #6 (Cadaverizer Records : 1993)
split with EXTREME HAIR STENCH (Gocharge Records : 1993)
"The Best of D-C" collection tape (Cadaverizer Records : 1994)
split with MORBID SHIT (Gocharge Records : 1994)
"Death Metal Fuck Off!!" 3 second demo tape (Gocharge Records : 1994)
"Tremblement De Noise" demo tape (Gocharge Records : 1994)
split with AUDICION IRRITABLE (Grindionnoise Produxion : 1994)
split with ANAL SMEGMA (Gocharge Records : 1994)
split with SONIC DISORDER (Gocharge Records : 1995)
split with BRAIN DAMAGE (Gocharge Records : 1995)
split with ORAL CLIMAX (Gocharge Records : 1995)
"DESTROY THE POLICE POWER" 3-Way split with FINAL EXIT/DIARRHOEA (Abnormal Tapes : 1995)
split with Black Leather Jesus (Worthless Human Flesh : 1995)
split with BIZARRE X (Tapeworm Tapes : 1995)
split w/ L.L.G. (Gocharge Records : 1995)
split w/ CORPUSCLE EXTRACTION (Gocharge Records : 1995)
split w/ MANGE D'LA MARDE (Gocharge Records : 1995)
split w/ K.M.K. (Inner Aural Combustion Records : 1995)
split w/ NECROTOMB (no label, 1995)
split w/ T.B.H. (Gocharge Records : 1995)
split w/ GESTORTE NACHBARN (B-Gore Records : 1995)
split w/ UNGASUNGASUTYRUNGA (Inner Aural Combustion Records : 1995)
split w/ T.S.M. (Gocharge Records : 1996)
split w/ MUNDO DE MIERDA (Solo Ruido Records : 1996)
split w/ SONIC DISORDER / WEIRD VISION / POCAHONTAS (Gocharge Records : 1996)
split w/ A.V.S.M. (Schnauf Records : 1996)
split w/ EXPERIMENTAL NOISE / DEFECACION PURULENTA (Shit Attack Records : 1996)
split w/ DIARREA VOKAL / PYOSALPINX (Scrotum Records : 1996)
split w/ PERMANENT DEATH (no label, 2004)
split w/ 2 MINUTA DREKA (Human Circus Records : 2005)
split w/ VULGAR NAUSEA (Human Circus Records : 2005)
"Body Language" Demo (Shit-Eye Cassettes : 2005) **THE 'FAKE' D-C**
split with SPACE GRINDER (Shit-Eye Cassettes : 2005) **THE 'FAKE' D-C**
split with DOENCA / AUBESETION (No Lyrics Records : 2005) **THE 'FAKE' D-C**
split with NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM (Bringer of Gore Productions : 2007)
split with NAPALM NOISE (Underground Pollution Records : 2008)
split with ANAL COLIC (Underground Pollution Records : 2008)
split with MELANOCETUS MUURAYI (S.O.A.R.S. Records : 2008)
split with T.D.F.N.T.F.O.T.C.F.I.S.O.H.O.T.D.N. (Nuclear Alcoholocaust : 2008)
split with MORALITY DECLINED (Untitled Productions : 2008)
split with PENIS ENLARGEMENT (Rotting Abortion Records : 2008)
split with WELUVPOT (Sludgesicle Records : 2008)
split with SARKOFACHO CRSS88 (NH.D.I.Y.ST. Records : 2008)
split with GLAIRE CHAZAL (2009)
4 Way split with VRV / HUMAN JERKY / KUSARI GAMA KILL (S.O.A.R.S. Records : 2009)
split with T.S.M. Volume II (S.O.A.R.S. Records : 2010)
split with HARSH SUPPLEMENT (Bringer of Gore Productions : 2010)
split with ESION (Sludgesicle Records : 2010)
split with GO FUCK YOURSELF (2010)
split with S.M.G. (Conservative Shithead : 2010)
D-C/Rectal Twat - split tape 2010
Box of Noise II: Revenge of the Noisebeast - 6 tapes box set compilation 2013 (various 'artists')
D-C/Jhonny Depp Is Dead - split tape

D-C/Sete Star Sept - split 7 2014
D-C 'Disgrace to the Corpse of Seth' LP 2014
100 Bands Seven Inch (compilation) (NHDIYST Records)
split 7" with DISLEKSICK (2010)
split 7" with FINAL EXIT (Grind Block Records : 2010)
split 6" with GORGONIZED DORKS (Agromosh Records : 2009)
split 7" with TUMOUR (Bringer of Gore Productions : 2009)
"I'm Going Ape Volume 3" 4 way split 7" w/ C.S.M.D., YES MEANS YES, ROTGUT (No Fucking Labels :2008)
split 8" with C.S.M.D. (No Fucking Labels :2008)
split 7" with PERMANENT DEATH (Mortville Records :2006)
split 7" with MIZUKO (Tylyt Levyt : 1997)
"Noise Against The Machine" Various Artists (Inner Aural Combustion Records :1996)
"1024 Song 7" EP" (Regurgitated Semen Records : 1995)
split 7" with CLITORIS TRAFFICKER (Japan Oversea / Rotthenness Records : 1994)
split 7" with ANAL MASSAKER (Schnauf Records : 1994)
split 7" with THE EARWIGS (Bung Records / Noise Records : 1993)

D-C/Oral Protection - split cdr 2013
D-C/Serge Lamouche - split cdr 2012
"My Space Loosers Business Card CDR" 3" cdr (2012)
split CD-R w/ HELL GARBAGE (2012)
split CD-R w/ RE-CHARGE DE-CHARGE (2011)
"4 Way For your Ears Suppuration" CD-R w/ MORSCH / I WILL GUILLOTINE YOUR CHIHUAHUA / CHAOTIC SOUND (2011) Old Grindered Days Records
"Holy Grinder" compilation pro CD-R (61 Noise Tracks From The Split With Clitoris Trafficker)[Histoplasmosis Records : 2010]
split pro CD-R w/Rectal Twat (Dumpster Juice Distribution : 2010)
split pro CD-R w/ BIG FIST JOHNNY (Mortville Records :2009)
split pro CD-R w/ COLICO (Mierda En La Cabeza :2009)
split pro CD-R w/ split with C.S.M.D. / INTUMESCENCE (No Fucking Labels :2008)
split 3" CD-R with GORGONIZED DORKS (S.O.A.R.S. Records : 2008)
split with GENITAL MASTICATOR / MAD RECITAL re-released stuff (R.O.N.F. Records : 2006)
"Cadaverize Yourself 1" Compilation CD-R Re-release of "Cadaverizer Spasms Compilation Tape" (R.O.N.F. Records : 2006)
split CD-R with MORBID SHIT re-released on CD-R (Rotting Abortion Records : 2005)
"T.P.S." re-released on CD-R (Fecal-Matter Discorporated : 2002)
"Complete 7" Vinyl Collection" CD-R including unreleased tracks (Mortville Records : 2002)

"Three Bean Salad" (Evinrude Productions : 1997)
"Pure Fucking Chaos" (Pure Fucking Chaos Recordings : 1995)
"Garbage Gods Volume 2" (Gocharge Records : 1995)
"Garbage Gods Volume 1" (Gocharge Records : 1994)
"Mutilated Carcass Volume 1" (Pure Fucking Chaos Recordings : 1994)
"Cadaverizer Spasms" (Cadaverizer Records : 1994)
"The Rude Wind's Wild Lament Volume 2" (View Beyond : 1994)
"Delirium Tremens 027" (Delirium Tremens Records : 1994)
"Noise Pollution Volume 1" released by Chain Saw of D-C in 1994
"Pluto Compilation Volume 1" (Pluto Distribution : 1993)
"Icy Illusions From Imaginary Worlds Volume 2" (Icy Illusions : 1993)
+ many more...

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