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Original member and co-founder of DECHE-CHARGE in Quebec, Canada in 1990. Used to run the shit/noise/garbage tape label GOCHARGE RECORDS with Frank Goshit in the 90's.
Has done several shit/noise projects such as RETARDED ROOSTER, ANAL JACKSON, REGURGITATOR, DAN-CHARGE, ROBERT GIFFARD, HUMPTY DUMPTY, S.G.N., FUSE, BAD TASTE, ULTRA SHIT CRAP, COOKY MONSTER, WASTE OF VOMIT, NEFERTITI, UNCLE JIMMY aka JAMES RUPPERT, SHIFT, SHAFT, CRAP, GAGATOKLES, GARBAGE TRUK, CRY BABY, ODIE & THE CRAP ATTACK and many more. Since 2011 he has been active again in the shit/noise scene with new projects such as I.R.S., GANESH, KÖNIG etc, as well as new recordings by old projects.
Click here to download some of his old shit/noise demos.

Currently playing in the grindcore band MESRINE since 1997. (official website).