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Dendera Bloodbath began as a creative conducting rod for Atlanta musician Virginia Bliss. As she wrote rock songs for Verge of Bliss, material accumulated which did not fit into the band’s style and thus became a completely separate project. Gleaning heavy influences from the Victorian era playwright and poet Oscar Wilde she constructed a concept album around his one act Salome to be performed on autoharp. Shortly after this she began experimenting with synthesizers and sequenced beats to supplement acoustic instruments. Her 2011 album [wr wr wr], inspired by political upheaval in Egypt, featured synthetic beats and noises supplemented by augmented harp and drehleier sounds. Currently she performs in formats ranging from solo acoustic and electronic shows to backing with a full band. Her most recent album is a conceptual DVD titled Blackout//Fugue: Servitor. All releases are available on Bandcamp


Hissing lawns dbloodbath.jpg Garrett Deming

Vbliss burro bar.jpg Mariah Johnson

Big thing Cameron Martin.jpg Cameron Martin

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