Dr. Failure

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Dr. Failure
Dr failure 500x666.png
Genre: Noise, Harsh Noise, glitch noise, rock, punk
Theme: Industrial, Abstract, Nonrepresentational, Chaotic
Years: 2015-Present
Country: United States
City: Oxford, Mississippi
Labels: Independent
Members: Dr. Failure
Side Projects: The Wing-Its, Flannel, Mannequin
Contact: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Artwork
Site: Bandcamp
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Dr. Failure in the studio working on White (May 28, 2019)

Born July 17, 2000, Dr. Failure is a young noise musician from Oxford, Mississippi. He's involved in several other genres, like rock and stuff, but as a soloist, he's a noise artist. He started doing noise in 2017 shortly after attending a noise show in Oxford, in late 2016, performed by SICKGRRL, which sparked his interest in not only becoming a fan of the genre, but becoming a creator as well. In late January, early February 2017, he started creating videos and tracks of single-take, improvisational guitar jams which was his "start" in the noise world. In July 2017, on his 17th birthday, he released his debut noise album The Basement Above, which was done only with generated audio on Audacity and some filter play. Between July 2017 and January 2018, he was still doing guitar jams with one "noise remix" album as an exception, Highway 666- The Devil's Noise. In January 2018, he started using a Rockville RPM109 mixer, and used no-input mixing as a method of doing noise, and this, for the most part, put an end to the days of improvisational guitar jams. Since, he's been a frequent publisher on Bandcamp.


Dr. Failure uses a Rockville RPM109 Mixer, Fender Mustang I V.2 Amplifier, Behringer Ultravoice 8500 Microphone, Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive Pedal, Piezo P-007 Contact Microphone, Behringer U-Phoria UM2 Preamp, Digitech DDM Death Metal Distortion Pedal, Audio2000s AMX7322UBT 6-Ch. Audio Mixer Sound Board, Gakken SX-150 Mark II Analog Synthesizer, Digital Reverb Pedal, 2018 AB Box Looper Pedal, True Bypass with 1590B, Circuit Bent/Modified Vintage Audiovox Brand Dynamic CB Microphone, Electronic Keyboard, and a Tape Deck using various tapes.


as Dr. Failure

# Album Release Date Release Type Runtime
1 Interesting Experiments (Instrumentals) September 5, 2016 Non-Noise Album 02:20:25
2 Interesting Demos October 10, 2016 Non-Noise Album 00:37:09
3 Something Else - Instrumental November 28, 2016 Non-Noise Single 00:09:23
4 The Basement Above July 17, 2017 Noise Album 01:32:47
5 Some German Phrase In English July 28, 2017 Noise Rock Album 00:10:29
6 Unbenannt August 17, 2017 Noise Rock Album 00:27:07
7 In Your Closet, In Your Head September 2, 2017 Noise Rock Album 00:19:50
8 GHOUL September 14, 2017 Noise Rock Album 00:38:09
9 RIP "Thin E" String September 15, 2017 Noise Rock Album 00:19:05
10 Highway 666 October 27, 2017 Noise Rock Album 01:32:52
11 Highway 666- The Devil's Noise November 9, 2017 Noise Remix Album 03:38:28
12 The Blown Amp Demos December 8, 2017 Noise Rock Album 00:12:31
13 Risorgimento January 7, 2018 Noise Album 01:28:57
14 TFW You Forget To Set The Input To Your Amp Instead Of Your Internal Microphone February 6, 2018 Noise/Noise Rock Hybrid Album 02:01:40
15 Super/Blue/Blood Moon of 2018 February 6, 2018 Noise Album 00:35:28
16 Senioritis February 7, 2018 Noise Album 01:05:03
17 Equality February 21, 2018 Noise Album 00:28:30
18 Deep Thought February 28, 2018 Noise Single 00:45:40
19 A Rock EP or Something March 6, 2018 Noise Rock Album 00:32:25
20 Chaos Speaks Louder Than Words March 6, 2018 Noise Single 00:37:06
21 Get Your Government Out Of My Tea March 6, 2018 Noise Rock Album 00:33:05
22 Something Else (EP - Instrumental) April 20, 2018 Non-Noise Album 00:37:26
23 Bag of Covers April 21, 2018 Non-Noise Album 00:26:32
24 Hell (Single) April 28, 2018 Non-Noise Single 00:15:38
25 For The Love Of God, Turn Down Your Volume May 3, 2018 Noise Single 00:14:48
26 Overcoming Senioritis May 16, 2018 Noise Album 00:57:29
27 Pride 2018 June 26, 2018 Noise Album 01:37:44
28 Dr_Failure.exe is not responding September 10, 2018 Noise Single 00:05:06
29 my 1 tru fren October 6, 2018 Noise Single 00:11:48
30 My New Toy (The Contact Mic) November 10, 2018 Noise Single 00:08:58
31 Spiral Out March 28, 2019 Noise Album 04:53:41
32 White June 14, 2019 Noise Album 12:02:52
33 Pareidolia June 26, 2019 Noise Album 02:18:42
34 Death By Autopsy August 2, 2019 Noise Single 00:15:14
35 Gravel August 3, 2019 Noise Album 03:38:46
36 The Funeral of Hoverjer Unreleased Noise Album --
37 asdfghjaoeawurf Unreleased Noise Album --
38 aNNIHILATION Unreleased Noise Album --
39 Точка холодная Unreleased Noise Album --
40 happythoughts Unreleased Noise Album --
41 Interesting Experiments Unreleased Non-Noise Album 02:20:25

Total Runtime: 2:02:11:18 (dd:hh:mm:ss)


# Release Release Date Release Type Runtime
1 Dr. Failure/enddotwav Split December 2, 2018 Noise Split 00:17:19
2 2: 地獄だらけ​​/​​​/​​Beat Fuckers April 27, 2019 Noise Split 00:16:19
3 Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry, Momma's Gonna Sit And Watch You Die July 11, 2019 Harsh Noise 00:06:32

Collaboration Runtime: 00:40:10 (hh:mm:ss)
Total Runtime: 2:02:51:28 (dd:hh:mm:ss)

Music Videos

# Video Original Album/Single Release Date Genre Length
1 Omega Single May 17, 2019 Harsh Noise 30:24
2 ᄅᔭ happythoughts Unreleased Harsh Noise Unknown

Music Video Runtime: 00:30:24 (hh:mm:ss)
Total Runtime: 2:03:21:52 (dd:hh:mm:ss)

with The Wing Its (a Rock Cover Band)

Album Release Date Release Type
The Wing-Its Live Compilation (2015-2017) June 17, 2018 Live Compilation Album

Live Shows

as Dr. Failure (all show venues (except where noted **) are in Oxford, Mississippi)

Show/Tour Title Date(s) Show Type Venue
Dr. Failure's Interesting Experiments December 10, 2017 Non-Noise The Shelter on Van Buren

with The Wing Its (all show venues (except where noted **) are in Oxford, Mississippi)

# Show Date Venue
Wing Its Show 1 May 28, 2015 Proud Larry's
Wing Its Show 2 August 15, 2015 Plein Air - Taylor, MS**
Wing Its Show 3 September 10, 2015 Off Square Books (Thacker Mountain Radio)
Wing Its Show 4 December 10, 2015 The Lyric Theater
Wing Its Show 5 May 12, 2016 The Lyric Theater
Wing Its Show 6 December 15, 2016 The Lyric Theater
Wing Its Show 7 May 11, 2017 The Lyric Theater


Dr. Failure has several works of Poetry that he keeps in a constantly-a-work-in-progress "book" titled Poetry of the Damned. He pulls from this collection of his and may incorporate it into his noise sometime in the future.


Dr. Failure uses his own nonrepresentationals and abstracts as his album covers (except for Interesting Experiments/Interesting Experiments (Instrumentals), Interesting Demos, **Highway 666, **TFW You Forget To Set The Input To Your Amp Instead Of Your Internal Microphone, **Equality, A Rock EP or Something, **Bag of Covers, **Overcoming Senioritis, 2: 地獄だらけ​​/​​​/​​Beat Fuckers, Omega, White, and **happythoughts).

(** denotes that while the image wasn't made by Dr. Failure, he did alter it to make it unique)