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Not much is known about Evans City Cemetery or who created it. However, the band is based in Columbus, OH.

ECC has one two part album (Self titled, 1/2, and "HELL MOUTH", 2/2), and four EPs ("Does DIY Have A Sexual Assault Problem?", "White Sands", "NSFW", and "A Constant Nothing"). The first of the EPs being in direct response to allegations of Matt/Lou Diamond, lead singer/songwriter for JANK and Panucci's Pizza, having sexually assaulted an underage girl, which destroyed his music career. The EP seems to be sort of tongue-in-cheek, as the description simply says "oops". It is unknown which side the creator is on. The second EP seems to be a general reference to the Trinity test, and the last two are a bit more inconsistent and may have to do with the creators life, but that has yet to be confirmed.

ECC seemed to've dropped off of the face of the internet back in September, and hasn't been active since.

It is currently unknown of the project is dead, or simply inactive.