Fatique Of Metal

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Artist(s): Подзалупная перхоть
Title: Fatique Of Metal
Released: 2005
Genre: Noisecore, Shitcore, Cybergrind
Type: Full-length
Label: Zymotic Productions
Format: Files - MP3
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Fatique Of Metal is fifth full-lenghts album of Russian noisecore/shitcore/cybergrind band Podzalupnaya Perhotb. Released in 2005.

Track list

01. Intro
02. Shit Breaks The Lavatorys
03. Pneumatic Hammer Of Shit
04. Hell Pistons
05. Headlegs Carrion
06. Evert Sucked Cunt
07. Protuberances Of My Ass
08. Dead Matrix Tunnel
09. Menstropus
10. Meat Pie In Head
11. Vomit Of Cunt
12. Underforeskin Church
13. Impulse In Rotten Child
14. Melted Cheese Of Corpse