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'''Fecult''' is [[Shitnoise|shitnoise]] from Latvia.<br>
'''Fecult''' is [[Shitnoise|shitnoise]] from Latvia.<br>
Since 2013. [[File:Fecult_logo.png|360px|thumb|right|Fecult logo]]
Since 2013. [[File:Fecult_logo.png|360px|thumb|right|Fecult logo]]
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* [[X Declaration Of War X]]
* [[X Declaration Of War X]]
[[category:Shitnoise]] [[category:Russia]]
[[category:Shitnoise]] [[category:Latvia]]

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Fecult is shitnoise from Latvia.

Since 2013.

Fecult logo



  • 2013 - Dirty Shiteater In A Latex Suit I Got Into The Sewerage With A Shit And Enjoys A Smell And Any Taste Shitty Masses Being Dipped There With The Head It I Choked And Its Corpse Died Then Decayed And Went Wrong At The Bottom Of Shit Where Intestinal Clamidio ‎(Popsakal Records POPSAKAL599)
  • 2016 - Cult Of Coprophilia of the Dirty Old Whore​.​.​. ‎(Immoral Basement Records IBR_24)
  • 2017 - Entertainment Of Faggots ‎(Bidlo Music BM-16)
  • 2017 - Shitnoise ‎(I SMOKE SPICE)
  • 2017 - Scatqueen Misandric Darkroom Session ‎(Zvuki Govna ZG6)
  • 2017 - Pure Shitcore From The Toilet Covered In Shit ‎(Bidlo Music BM-34)
  • 2017 - Deep Inside Veronica Moser's Mind ‎(Skull Dungeon SKD355)
  • 2017 - Scat Enema Torture ‎(Zvuki Govna ZG13)




Side Projects