Fuck the Polemic

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Fuck the Polemic sucks

Fuck the Polemic is a Shit Noise project by Michael Carrier. Access the very slow free website for FtP here. Fuck the Polemic is basically just a name attached to very old noise made by Michael Carrier from 2007 to 2009. It is basically indiscernible from the similar project called Semen Demon. Like most noise music projects, the point is to make a ton of shit mainly just so you can use offensively clever album and song titles.

The album Anything is a collection of weird extremely loud collages of noise. The single, One is one of the better rhythmic noise tracks made by FtP about seven minutes long. Cheap Electronics is a recent album that is noisecore, or a bunch of amplified recordings of hitting things and vocal noise.


(2008) Fuck the Polemic | Anything!

(2008) Fuck the Polemic | One

(2009) Fuck the Polemic | The Most Perfect Album Ever Made

(2009) Semen Demon | Waltz on Dicks

(2010) Fuck the Polemic | Cheap Electronics