Gore Infected Pus (Ivar Malm)

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Gore Infected Pus
Real name: Ivar Malm
Aliases: Gore Infected Pus
Country: Sweden
City: Uddevalla
Own Labels: Crackwhore Fetus Records

Main projects: Side projects: One-time projects: Collaboration projects:

In groups:
Contact: slam666555@gmail.com
Site: Bandcamp
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Ivar Malm, also known as Gore Infected Pus, is a Swedish gorenoise musician (along with a lot of other extreme and underground genres) from the west coast of Sweden.

He is most known for projects like Jackhammer Sphincter Removal, Mangoworm Infestation In a Worthless Human Cadaver, Corpse From a River of Frogsperm and many more. Some of the bands and projects will be listed below.

Most of his projects are one man bands, but not all of them. Stinking Smell Of 1000 Cadavers Penetrated By A Orangutang, for example, is a two man band.

Despite his young age, he has been very productive and has made his mark within the scene with nearly 200 different music projects and bands throughout the years since he dedicates his whole life to these genres.

Projects and bands