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Creation through destruction. Hamartia is the sound of existential suffering and uncertainty. Of bleeding emotions, and cold misanthropy. Life is not an even plane, nor is Hamartia. Sounds by the brain damaged, for the brain damaged


Hamartia is everybody, and Hamartia is nobody. On his own time, the man who can be attributed to being 'Hamartia' will release many exploratory records and experiential journeys of pain and galactic mind-altering odysseys. Though Hamartia comes alive when seen live - an open casting call forever exists, for any and all individuals, regardless of talent, creative ability, or any such human quantifiers, to perform in the act, and do whatever they want, however they want. Thus, Hamartia is a creative collective that will sustain for as long as there are those in this world that have a soul to create.


Everything and anything, my guy


Full Discography can be found on Bandcamp - https://hamartiathefatalflaw.bandcamp.com/




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