Harsh Noise Movement

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British noise artist. Owner of HNM Records. Married and likes coffee. Harsh Noise Movement had been producing numerous bad quality cassettes featuring experimental loops and noises as early as 1984 for his own personal enjoyment. As the years passed by, and with the creation of the internet and sites such as YouTube, Harsh Noise Movement started to upload videos of his experimental sounds and realised that no one really cared about them. Then one day, he decided to stop being lazy and created a Bandcamp account. He couldn't think of a name for a label to put his sounds on, so he took the easy way out and used the initials of his noise project, hence HNM Records. He then made a few online accounts on social media sites and started communicating and working with lots of like minded noise artists. He has worked with many noise artists such as Macronympha, Incapacitants, K2, Yasuhito Fujinami, ASTRO, Merzbow, blackhumour, The Haters, Smell & Quim, Torturing Nurse, T. Mikawa, Zeitkratzer, Richard Ramirez, Kylie Minoise and lots more.


Ade Rowe


Fairy Dust


All of them




https://harshnoisemovement.bandcamp.com/ https://www.discogs.com/artist/4849967-Harsh-Noise-Movement