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Instagon is a project based in improvisation and chaos theory that was founded in Orange County,CA in 1993.. but has moved its base of operation to Sacramento,CA as of 2005. The only constant member to this project is LOB. Instagon exists only in the moment of the performance, and then it is gone...hence the name. A performance by Instagon consists of multiple participants playing with each other in a contained atmosphere. Instagon is NEVER the same group of performers on stage, there is never a practice or rehearsal, it is ALWAYS LIVE and in the MOMENT. As of May 2011, Instagon has re-created itself over 565 times and has had over 550 players as PART of the project. Instagon regularly shifts genres and plays in different styles and different musical paradigms, BUT does have a strong foundation and roots in the noise community and scene. Early Instagon "noise" performances are more based in conceptual sound art, rather than traditional improvisation....but in 2005 the "MIXER SET" approach was concocted for noise shows with participants all feeding their sounds into a mixer, which Lob conducts with .. (so no one hears what they are playing unless the conductor turns them up.) .. other ideas have included the "Noise Trio" an jazz-electronics combo, and "vocal noise" featuring members just making sounds with mouth to microphone. Instagon has appeared at every Norcal Noisefest since 1995, also at SoCal Noisefest, Eugene Noisefest, In The Flow Festival, Davis Jazz Fest, and many many other venues. There is an EXTENSIVE online data base with EVERY SHOW including players and set lists available at the Instagon Web site

Instagon released their debut CD in 1994 on Insta-Noise records and has continued to release material regularly.. there have probably been easily 100+ releases by Instagon. Instagon has releases on labels like TIF, LOVE EARTH MUSIC, AURICULAR RECORDNGS, RATSKIN RECORDS, PLACENTA RECORDINGS, EDGETONE RECORDS, INSTA-NOISE RECORDS, AIN23, TOPY, SUPER ART MEDIA, NORCAL NOISEFEST, and many others.