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L'eclipse Nue is an industrial / noise unit which began in Tokyo, Japan in 2009. Their sound is a disturbing, noisy mixture of synthesizers, samplers, vocals and effects. The unit consists primarily of one member, Daniel Sine, with occasional guest appearances and collaborations with other artists. One of the things that set L'eclipse Nue apart from much of the rest of the Tokyo noise scene was the presence of vocals and audible lyrics, a dark, gothic sensibility, and a tendency to defy the rather conservative genre boundaries observed by their peers. As of April, 2016, L'eclipse Nue has relocated to Hartford, CT, USA.

Since its inception in 2009, L'eclipse Nue has evolved from the lo-fi electro sounds and melodic song structures on earlier recordings to the noisier, freeform compositions that they are known for today. Throughout their catalogue, however, one can observe a pitch black thread. Through 2015, L'eclipse Nue performed regularly in the Tokyo area, and has collaborated with a number of other artists, both live and on recordings.

Some of those artists include: (((AMNESIa-cHANNEL))), Hiroshi Hasegawa, Rohco, Shuko from BANJAX, K2, Stillborn Diz, Rantau Ranjau, Kazehito, Yoshiko Honda, Mayuko Hino, Analchan, Mississippi Ayako, Darklaw, Alcy, Shitlips, T. Mikawa, and others. Daniel Sine (as L'eclipse Nue) has also performed in the units Shroud of Vapour (with Hiroshi Hasegawa, Rohco, and Yoshiko Honda), XM02 (with Bobuo Sakai) and Red Handcuffs (with Stephane Perrin, aka Les Belles Noisesuses).

L'eclipse Nue now continues its activity in the United States.



Album Year Label
Varying Degrees of Discomfort 2011 Dorei Recordings
Because I Hate You 2013 Dorei Recordings
Sarcophagus 2014 Dorei Recordings
The Off Switch 2014 Dorei Recordings
Negative 2015 Dorei Recordings
Scars Forever 2016 Shiver To Death


Album Year Label
L'eclipse Nue 2009 Dorei Recordings
Sterile Utopia 2011 Dorei Recordings
Lust For Plastic (live EP) 2012 Dorei Recordings
Transmission Ritual 2013 Deadtones Records
The Eleventh Floor 2013 Dorei Recordings


Album Year Label
Plastic Bags 2013 Dorei Recordings


Artists Album Year Label
濁朗 (Darklaw) / L'eclipse Nue Ju-san 2012 Dorei Recordings
Lovebrrd / L'eclipse Nue The Pink Room 2013 Oktomedia Records
Rantau Ranjau / L'eclipse Nue Seeds of Sickness: Dedicated to the Nuclear Industry 2013 Centipede Farm
L'eclipse Nue / Tree Split 2013 Steele Grinder Music
Raven / L'eclipse Nue Split 2013 Dorei Recordings
NRYY / L'eclipse Nue with Yoshiko Honda Split 2014 Dorei Recordings
The Earwigs / L'eclipse Nue Chaos, Darkness, Power & Joy! 2015 Dorei Recordings


Artists Album Year Label
Kazehito / L'eclipse Nue Sand 2013 Dorei Recordings
Midnight Depth Probe (L'eclipse Nue / Darklaw / Kazehito / Orita Takuro) Session 1 2013 Dorei Recordings
Cracksteel / NRYY / L'eclipse Nue Cracksteel / NRYY / L'eclipse Nue 2015 Silent Novels Rec.
T. Mikawa with L'eclipse Nue Live Document: Flying Teapot 2015 Dorei Recordings
Gakido Reincarnation (Music for Etsuko Miura) 2015 Pour Amorphous
Youko Heidy and L'eclipse Nue Transdimensional Bleeding 2016 Secret Fetish Tranmissions


Album Year Label
Monotronous Compilation 2012 Hal Tapes
Connection Cassette Compilation # 3 2012 Hal Tapes
Contact Group Lo-Bit Thread Compilation, Volume 1 2012 ?
Signalvoid 2012 ?
Contact Group Lo-Bit Thread Compilation, Volume 2 2012 MAV [0kbps] Records
Psychic Menagerie Compilation, Volume 1 2013 Dorei Recordings
Steele Grinder Music Vol. 1 2013 Steele Grinder Music
Underground X-treme Part 46 2013 Shit Noise Netlabel
Lava Church Mixtape 2 2013 Lava Church
Be Quick Or Be Dead Vol. 2 2013 Deadtones Records
Be Quick Or Be Dead Vol. 3 2013 Deadtones Records
Be Quick Or Be Dead Vol. 4 2013 Deadtones Records
From Japan With Love 2013 Deadtones Records
Psychic Menagerie Compilation, Volume 2 2013 Dorei Recordings
livingvoid 2014 ?
SomnibuS: Strong Addiction 2015 SomnibuS
SomnibuS: woman 2015 SomnibuS
International Noise Tape Boxset 2016 Obfuscated Records
Brink Compilation 2016 ATTN:Magazine

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