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The sound of my hopes and dreams being crushed on a daily basis. Nails on blackboard Rap Angry yelling at a child or slurping. Fingernails scraping down a window. The Grateful Dead Much like my dog, I dislike the vacuum cleaner. Whiny people's voices? 😂 Loud eaters organ music The sound silence..... Old white gospel the triangle My boss’ voice. Nails on a blackboard Christian Rock Chewing toothpaste Screaming clap eeeeeeeeeee is one Got it. Baby screaming its brains out. Skin rubbing against balloons. The sound of orphan’s tears. Squeaking wood Gunfire The sound of breaking glass Anything by Black Lace... Rap Music jazz rock alarm clock in the morning Ok The sound of alarm clock Bagpipes Okay. Maybe singing with no tune lol Grunge a child playing the clarinet Screaming. Also large groups of saxophones. Sirens modern jazz 😞 Needle scratching an LP record Winjing 12yr old Clashing crockery That stupid voice that Adam Sandler does in nearly all his movies Adele People chewing Gazoo Organ has to top the list, for me. Don't know Phone ringing fingernails on chalkboard Fingernails on a blackboard. Caulk board Sound of forks on plates The sound of an empty wallet or country and western Nails on a chalkboard Metal my ex Nickelback Techo braking bones Girly pop Bad breaks air blown hand dryers Chalk on a chalkboard My dog whining A squeaking styrofoam cooler that is just out of my reach in a car. Chalkboard finger nails FUNK&SOUL Is Billy Joel a sound? A badly tuned snare drum. (I'm a drummer.) bang The syllable and vowel combination that is "no." fingernail files. alarm Traffic The piano accordion alarm clock hearing people grieve Fingernails + chalkboard. ringing in my ears Lincoln commercials Duck cat screams Kenny G Donald Trump’s voice My alarm clock Styrofoam rubbing on styrofoam. any kind of new music dont really have any Any polititian making bla bla sounds... Chewing A dentist drill. rap nails on a chalk board Dark industrial Alarm clock ⏰ A klaxxon scraping a knife across a dinner plate mouth chewing on food Flute siren Ed Sheeran. A foot sloshing around inside a wet boot. Strangely enough, it's my favorite and least favorite sound, depending on the circumstances my boyfriend's farts Refrigerator motors Baby crying theeeee yankees win polka folk My ex wife's voice Baby crying. Barking Bob Geldof. Accordians, rap, nails on chalk board I hate an out of tune piano Country music Motorbikes Jazz dentist's drill Psychedelic and 70`s Rock Sniffing heavy metal Trap angry parents in ikea silence one hand clapping Katie Perry singing live The sample effect towards the end of reflex by Duran Duran. Silence Lady Gaga My ex wife’s voice that song Gangnam Style! My grandchildren in pain Styrofoam squeaking Rap Heavy metal, any track with bagpipes! Its to loud ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm Breaking glass chewing baloney sadness The laughter of children Stepping on snails by accident. injured child My ex wife’s voice. the sound of silence A doorbell. Don’t think I have one :( Pop country The sound of one hand flapping empty squeezed ketchup bottle coldplay Transe psicadelic People chewing food. Banjo courtney love William Shatner singing “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds Bad music Cardboard boxes sliding on sandy concrete Someone being sick Lawn mower The squeak of styrofoam friction pomposity "new" country valkyrie Exyu rock A motor scooter with the baffle removed country Muzak My dogs farts� explosions Nails on a blackboard. My wife nagging. Me self ;) Siren Norwegian danseband fingernailos on blackboard Dog licking it's balls rap Auto tune Violin Diarrhea Anything Klingonian in Star Trek Discovery... accordion Elvis Dirty old polka. Many classic covers there oink oink high pitching voices wire brush on chalkboard mandolin Fingernails on a blackboard Construction noise albums. A bassoon the needle going down on a vinyl record... Car alarm Sreech The sound of a fingernail accidentally scratching the classboard when you write something with a chalk on it (I’m a teacher 😂) My least favorite sound is Synth-Popish things.. Got it. Check. Nickleback, and chalkboard scratching. a bit cliche, but true. The sound of typing on an iphone. When somebody scratches something, like the chalk on a board or something similar. Harpsichord The sound of scratched vinyl Does Lawrence Welk count? Stupidity Snowpant legs rubbing together. Ick! A dripping faucet Ok and the least favorite sound is polka or Schlager Edit questions for pending members People chewing grape nuts folk “Uh-oh”. Right. Not sure about the sound. The sound of a soft drink being poured into a glass of ice. Why do they boost that sound in every soda commercial? A record with a good cover playing on my turntable Nails on a chalkboard Static loud children Zither with a wahwah. Joy Behar. Jazz Silence folk the sound of every metallica album Cat Stevens gargling The blowing of a mucus filled nose. don't think I have one. You talking sssss sound some fire alarms Heavy rock Those damn Tijuana brass albums that threw up all over every thrift store on the planet Bounty "Nooooooooooooo" commercial Gravel hitting my windshield People who chew with their mouths open because it sounds like an army of vaginas marching through mud. chalkboard fork on a plate Wailing. Babies or giant babies. thunder any rush song Baby crying Trudeau's voice a needle being dropped onto a record. Bugs flying by my ear Country music... Yoko Ono singing the greatest hits of Slim Whitman Chewing noises. XP Smoke detector My mom yelling my full name Cindy Lauper singing anything at all My mother-in-law’s voice. Whistling Any whining.. anything above 13khz at a high volume Southern Gospel Honk honk honk honk honk..... ..... Eeeeeeeeeeeeek white gospel The rattling of an empty case of beer. nails on a chalkboard Dentist drill Toss up between squeaking styrofoam and Limp Bizkit. The sound of other people having sex eeeeaaa Dying gasping Badly played violin The sound of mainstream pop music water dripping from the faucet yodeling Yoko Ono Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Rihanna alarm clock Dogs barking constantly. opium warlock The sound of a packing gun, when someone is taping a box! The brown noise People chewing with their mouth open Its probably sound of a Knife on a plate xdd The sound an empty bourbon bottle makes when tapped inquisitively. The sound of Babies screaming. A SKIPPING FUCKING RECORD!! County soul A whinning adult. elevator music The rheumy, agonized cough of a sick child. A bad note with a big build up lol bagpipes Fingernails on a chalkboard. Courtney Cox's Voice My alarm clock Scratching Blackboard That sound that Jim Carey makes. Rap, ... is that a sound ? Otherwise, the sound of a bone breaking when I am alone ... Fire truck Sirens Rap! babies flutes Grating gears. mitch miller Skil saw. silence Use a Bag-pipe, go to jail. Geri Halliwell speaking. That dog in the Churchill insurance ads Fingernails being drawn across a blackboard my wife breaking wind ...and secondery to that it is scottish folk songs , sung by Americans...yyeeeeuch so corney Loud chewing Volksmusik (don't google it!) The three Chords of the qui someone sliding dry hands down a dry window pane Marching bands. Cutlery scratching a plate Sploosh Scraping a fork or knife across the plate... Oh and scraping a needle across an album... That too. Mumford and sons My alarm clock Kamahl Disco loud album scratches That's a difficult one! Possibly Perry Como Loud, grating beeping Country least favorit sound is dutch music 80’s synth Bad saxaphone Water leaks The sound of rules being broken Morning alarm clock. eeeiiiiiiiiiiiiii Punk hip hop, rap... sound of silence Hawiwian bwaaaaaaappp The song girl with the fruit basket lol Fork on glass Children’s voices Wailing saxophone. The sound of nails against nylon, like seatbelts or something whining An anteater being teased in a non erotic manner It’s the sound of silence :) just kidding I love Simon and Garfunkel don't have one I'm afraid i just called to say i love you. mary ann from brooklyn Ok and metal grinding close to me electro pop Car alarms. I will do my best on the first two...as for the 3rd...my favorite sound is a tie...my dog barking at nothing and the sound of a flushing urinal...that is all. Vacuum people biting forks . rap Disco Gunshot middle aged white women laughing as a group i didn't know there was such a function OK. my doorbell. My ex-husband breathing The sound of footsteps or an early morning shower. The sound I make when I try to inhale food into my windpipe. Modern pop music. Fingers on a chalkboard Yappy lap dogs Either my alarm clock, Alanis Morrisette's, "singing" voice, or every verbal and musical sound transmitted by John Mayer. Bob Dylan’s voice Scream crying Yoko Ono Scratches vacuum-cleaner I don't know... the sound of money leaving my wallet? squeaky sneakers on linoleum my least favourite sound? katy perry singing firework live a baby crying a door hinge that needs some oil baby jaguar cry My mother in laws car arriving on our drive tornado O meu coração é verde by Natália Andrade Needle scratch on vinyl my brother, grinding his teeth Fran Drescher's voice