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| 11 || iLost || 04:40
| 11 || iLost || 04:40
| 12 || voicemail from satan || 01:13

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Dr. Failure - Life Hurts (cover).png
Artist(s): Dr. Failure
Title: life hurts
Recorded: October 28, 2019
Genre: Rap
Type: Full Length
Label: Independent
Format: Files - MP3
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life hurts is Dr. Failure's first rap album. Inspired by artists such as $uicideboy$, Lil Peep, Ghostemane, guccihighwaters, as well as Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Biggie Smalls, and others, Dr. Failure wanted to go a different route of expression; rather with unorganized chaos and unintelligible vocals, he wanted to try out sound with a beat and easy to understand vocals with passionate lyrics and emotions.

Gear and Equipment

Dr. Failure used the following:
DAW: Cakewalk
Microphone: Behringer XM8500
Preamp: Behringer Uphoria UM2

VST Plugins (not including what's included with Cakewalk):

A1 TriggerGate
BPB Cassette Drums 606, 808, 909
dblue Tapestop
Distorque Azurite
DLM Unstable
Drumatic 3
Rough Rider
Son of a Pitch
Sonatina Choir
TAL-Elec7ro II
Xsub 808


# Track Title Time
1 your pain 03:09
2 reflection 04:04
3 giraffe pussy high (feat. giraffe emoji)
4 ₿ooty ₡heeked ₿itches (feat. giraffe emoji)
5 i died tonight 02:21
6 call your mans 04:10
7 kvt throxt fxiry txle 03:31
8 betrayal 03:13
9 up yours 03:14
10 carcinogen (feels bad) 01:55
11 iLost 04:40
12 voicemail from satan 01:13

Total Runtime: -