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[[File:Muteant sounds logo.jpg|thumb]]
[[File:Muteant sounds logo.jpg|thumb]]
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== Bio ==
== Bio ==

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Muteant sounds logo.jpg


Originally a tape trading label back in the 90's, then a website in the early 00's Now a Netlabel in operation since 2012. Releasing, online only, well over 350 noise, harsh noise, experimental noise, free jazz, ambient, doom , noise rock, drone and more from all over the globe.


too many to name, just check us out!


contact us if you have an experimental radio/webcast/podcast or if you write a zine/blog/reviews. and want free downloads to releases..... I promise you a lot of content from us.

Also looking for contacts all over the world but really interested in networking with folks in Africa. Asia, Australia and Antarctica (if any?) jaycreeve@gmail.com


https://muteantsoundsnetlabel.bandcamp.com/ twitter = @MuteAnt_Sounds FB = https://www.facebook.com/MuteAntSoundsNetlabel