My New Toy (The Contact Mic)

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My New Toy Cover.png
Artist(s): Dr. Failure
Title: My New Toy (The Contact Mic)
Recorded: November 10, 2018
Released: November 10, 2018
Genre: Noise
Type: Single
Label: Independent
Format: Files - MP3
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My New Toy (The Contact Mic) is Dr. Failure's sixth noise single. It is the first release by Dr. Failure using a contact mic as an instrument.

Gear and Equipment

Dr. Failure used Rockville RPM109 Mixer, Fender Mustang V2 Amplifier, Behringer U-Phoria UM2 Pre-Amp, Piezo P-007 Contact Microphone.


# Track Title Time
1 My New Toy (The Contact Mic) 08:58

Total Runtime: 08:58