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Years back I started a project called xNKx, name that evolved into Noise Krov. It is a personal exploration of experimental sounds, textures and analog creations, inspired in the inner most desire of liberation and against the anthropocentric dream of humanity.

I have been involved in DIY music since I was a kid. I love sound-noise, electronically generated analog sounds, and been surrounded by a labyrinth of cables that is constantly multiplying without control and taking over.

With Noise Krov I mostly focus on Harsh Noise and Dark Ambient sounds, but I always leave a door open for other experimentation.


There is an uncontrollable impulse of expression through sound that begins organically and mutates during its creation.

I use basic analog synthesizers and filters going through different pedal effects to the mix. I also use discarded machines such as old TVs, radios, sound analyzers, construction tools and anything that creates sound through electricity.

Lately I have been working mostly with modular synthesizers, trying to use a minimal amount of equipment. Also including interactivity in my live performances using video, video-synths, Freeduinos and computers.

There is a constant search of new ways to explore found sounds that can be transformed. I am interested as to how they are perceived by the human senses.


- "Intersectional Point Of View", SYNTHESIS VOL. 2 compilation / Urban Arts Berlin - 2015 [1]

- "System Failure", MERZBOW - A Sonic Tribute From Berlin compilation / Urban Arts Berlin - 2013 [2]


- Soundclod:[3]

- Facebook page:[4]