Napalm Death Tribute

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Napalm Death Tribute.jpg
Artist(s): Various artists
Title: Napalm Death Tribute
Released: 2020
Genre: Noise, Noisecore, Grindcore, Goregrind, Power Electronics
Type: Compilation
Label: Случаи Жизни
Format: Files - MP3
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Napalm Death Tribute is tribute to song "You Suffer" of British grindcore band Napalm Death Tribute. Collected and published by Russian label Случаи Жизни.

Track list

01. Gankzor - You Suffer
02. Noise Jihad - You Suffer
03. Urinary Incontinence - You Suffer
04. Disfigurator Of Implanted Necrotoxical Pus In Rotting Head Of Satan - You Suffer
05. Трупнокалиберный Гноемёт - You Suffer
06. Пиурия - You Suffer
07. Dust 60 & Major Fuck Off - You Suffer