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Founded Summer 2001 in Albany, New York by members of Brown Cuts Neighbors, Bone Oil, Burnt Hills and Lincoln Money Shot as a post-punk party band that played mainly around RPI/Troy/Albany, New York. Much of the early songs were carried over from the previous group with some shared personnel 'Krebstar'. nickname: Rebel relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2009. Currently the group is solely operated by the two founding members. nickname: Rebel primarily releases music through the Wow Cool label.

The name of the band was inspired by a wallet photo discovered in the possessions of one of the members' mothers. Hand written on the back in pencil at some point in the mid-20th century were the words 'nickname: Rebel'. Like the un-named individual in the photo, we were inspired by the juvenile delinquent exploitation media of that era, such as Rebel Without A Cause and West Side Story. The name is also a nod to the enormous influence that dub music has on our sound with its deep bass and drawn out sonics. Jamaican and British groups such as Creation Rebel, New Age Steppers and others associated with Adrian Sherwood and On U Sound deeply informed our audio aesthetic. There is also a desire to re-claim that powerful word from those who would like to keep it aligned to poisonous and hateful ideologies that are best left in the mid-19th century.


nickname: Rebel is Michael Keegan (formerly of Lincoln Money Shot, CALMS and Burnt Hills) and Marc Arsenault (formerly of Brown Cuts Neighbors, fognozzle, Krebstar and Jo).

Collaborators and former band members include: Nick Carpenter (Lincoln Money Shot, CALMS, Burnt Hills), Tom Burre (Bone Oil), Scott Smallwood (Evidence), Aaron Smith (Stars of Rock, Scientific Maps), Jason Martin (Brown Cuts Neighbors, Bunny Brains, Evolution Revolution), James Kopta (Brown Cuts Neighbors, Exploding Corpse Action, Conniption, Hail Mary), Seana Biondolillo, Andrew Gerhan (Our Lady of the Highway, Nevada Nevada), Josh Baker (Sawhorse, God Hates Computers, Things I Hate, Chased and Smashed, Kilauea, Offset Needle Radius), Pete Von Petrin, Robb Cole (Kitty Little, To Hell and Back, Brevator), and Steven Cerio (Railroad Jerk, Drunktank, Atlantic Drone, Sonisk Blodbad).


Marc Arsenault uses an assortment of traditional and electronic instruments, including several homemade and circuit-bent devices. He uses Crate amplifiers.


Albums, EPs and Singles

  • R is for Riot (CD LP) 2008
  • Ouroboros (3-song EP) 2009
  • Tears Up The Streets... (3-song EP) 2009
  • Offset Needle Radius Vs. nickname: Rebel (CD LP) 2009
  • The Girls of Slender Means (cassette LP) 2011
  • Corporate Babies Mixtape (cassette mixtape) 2019

Radio Sessions

  • Dandelion Radio - Mark Whitby Session June, 2009 (released on Spotify and Soundcloud)
  • Dandelion Radio - Mark Whitby Session June, 2010 (World Cup Special)


Compilation Appearances

Krebstar Releases

  • Master of the Pandowdie (Cassette LP) 1997
  • Barry Morse (CD EP) 1998
  • Barbara Bain (CD EP) 1998

Krebstar Compilation Appearances



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