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http://www.realmusic.ru/nogohuyc <br />
http://www.realmusic.ru/nogohuyc <br />

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Noisecore/Acoustic Noise/Copro/Improvisation band from Russia. Started in 2010. Inspired by Masonna and Церковь (Cerkov) (legendary russian band).

Current discography


- Vocal Demo (Popsakal Records)


- Tribute to Viennese Actionism (EP) (Popsakal Records)
- Merry Christmas (EP) (Popsakal Records)
- Coprogrind is Shit (EP) (Popsakal Records)
- Неистовый богоеб (EP) (Popsakal Records)
- Degenerative Art vs. Nazi Idealism (EP) (Popsakal Records)
- Death is Gay (In Memory of Seth Putnam) (single) (Popsakal Records)
- Envoltation to Death (Не слушай - умрешь) (EP) (Popsakal Records)
- Добрые песни vol. 2 40-way split (Popsakal Records)
- Coprocorporation Ltd. (LP) (Popsakal Records)
- VA - Один день из жизни Сэта Путнэма, или как я перестал бояться и полюбил нойзкор (Popsakal Records)


- VA - Fandorin Projet 2 (Genetic Trance)